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    Minnesota's Marcus Sherels

    I've noticed that people around here seem to dismiss this guy too easily so I want to shed some light on Sherels and dedicate this thread to him.

    First of all, Marcus Sherels was born and raised in Minnesota, played high school football in Minnesota, and played college football at the University of Minnesota. It's only fitting that he takes the next step to the next level with the Minnesota Vikings.

    He was not drafted and had to work his way from the very bottom last year and the fact that he's still on the team shows hard work.

    Marcus Sherels has always been underestimated because of his size. He's not particularly short for a cornerback, but he weights barely 175. on the good side, that's the only apparent knock I've heard on him. He's super fast and explosive, running the 40-yard dash in 4,3 seconds, and has a 40" vertical leap. And those are numbers I just found right now, confirming what I've already seen on the field.

    I'm not saying that makes him a starter because he's not starter material as for the moment, but I think the kid has potential and deserve a chance. At the age of 23, he still in the process of learning the game.

    There are not many articles on Sherels as he's pretty unknown, but this is a nice read from a year ago:

    Rochester native Marcus Sherels gets a shot at Vikings mini-camp

    "He ran a kind of a 'wow' 40 over here," said Vikings head coach Brad Childress. "But just watching him stop, and drive, you know, he's able to put his foot down and transition. So it's not just the speed running forward, you've gotta be able to run backward, and be able to stop and start, and I've seen some of those things. And you say, what is it on the downside, the only thing you'd say is size.

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    Re: Minnesota Homeboy: Marcus Sherels

    I don't discount him my friend. Watch last weeks tape. If nothing else he opened the eyes of the ST's coaches.

    I think his biggest challenger right now for a roster spot is Mistal.

    Vikings to give rookie Mistral Raymond a long look

    I think the staff is looking hard at saving atleast on, possibly two roster positions so they can carry an extra body or two at a couple of other positions.

    Unfortunately cats on the bubble that can play two positions will probably win out over a guy like Marcus.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Minnesota Homeboy: Marcus Sherels

    If it's between him and Raymond then he is screwed imho.

    Being born and raised in 'sota is nice but doesnt make him special, he isnt or likely to be a hometown superstar like Joe Mauer for example, no room for sentiment in Football!!

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    Re: Minnesota's Marcus Sherels Sherels Making His Mark

    With a year of practice, and watching fellow small guy Antoine Winfield excel in a big man's game, Sherels has been even more impressive this year with his ball skills, timing and knowledge of the defense.

    ``He doesn't talk at all. I've probably heard him talk openly in a meeting a hand full of times,' Woods said. ``But he's always into it. We give those guys tests, just in terms of our information, coverage-wise, offensive ID. He scores higher than everybody. He just studies it.'
    More and more people are taking a notice to this native Minnesotan who has worked his way up the chains through his young career. I'm really rooting for this kid.

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