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Jargo said:

This is actually pretty darn good weather for an outdoor game in Mpls. this time of year.
If the snow continues it should be quite entertaining.

One simple strategy for running in these conditions is to run flat footed. Might be a little slower but will slip and fall far less. Hope someone suggests they try it.
Look for Webb, Harvin, and AP to run some reverses. Webb may even run.

In those conditions, a good reverse is gonna put some defenders on their asses.....and if the runner doesn't try to cut too sharp and just makes the most of head and shoulder fakes......he can gain some yards.
A reverse can just as easily put some runners on their asses, when they turn up field.

As was mentioned on ESPN, the reason that Belichek & the Patriots killed the Bears in Chicago was because he had them play a more straight up the field game. Receivers would run routes that didn't have them cutting sharp ins & outs & their running game was mainly straight up the field.