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    Re: Giants Stuck in KC

    Quote Originally Posted by "i_bleed_purple" #1083034
    Quote Originally Posted by "Chris P." #1083028
    So where will the game be?
    Its official, its now in Detroit at 7:20 pm EST
    It will also be re-aired on the NFL Network at 11 p.m. on Monday.

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    Re: Giants Stuck in KC

    I WAS going to be there, but my roommate who was driving bailed on us...

  3. Re: Giants Stuck in KC

    If the Giants couldn't show up they should have forfeited!
    Should have just cleared the snow off the field and played the game in the dome anyway. Would have been reminiscent of the old days of Met stadium.
    Sucks having a home game changed to a road game.

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