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  1. Vikes to AZ Early??

    Our minnesota vikings play the cardinals week 17, i live in AZ and went to the san diego/miami game, great turn out and it was fun, i was reading the paper today and it said chargers will either come here again or to san fran, in week 10, im hoping to get to see a free minnesota vikings debating on if i should get tickets to the 17th week game because of the playoffs that we WILL be getting ready for, there wont be many starter plying the whole game if any. Im sorry for all the family's in san diego, but i will donate at the game if it comes here and i hope it does.
    Screw the Fudge packers.....Vikings Football Kicks Ass

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    Vikes to AZ Early??

    Lombardis DEAD,
    Favrays OLD, the Packers SUCK,

  3. Vikes to AZ Early??

    I d rather have a FLAMING CASES OF HERPES than be a CHEESEHEAD!!

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