greetings everyone! It's been awhile, that's for sure.
Comas, divorce, BUT FOOTBALL never changes, especially for Vike fans

So, I'm driving down the highway right?, and I hear on the news good ole' 84 is coming back to Minny. Nearly swerve off the road >__<. It was a combination of how cheap the Pats dumped a Minny legend, and the fact he came back.

But I think I see a strong regular season, hell a strong playoff run in our immediate future. In many ways, our team reminds me of the 2003 Carolina Panthers super bowl run: Strong D, Nice Recieving Corps.

03' Panthers had the proven vet (Muhammad), the rising star (Smith),the sleeper (Ricky Proehl), and it reflects similar to ours (Moss, Rice,Camarillo).

Like Proehl,I don't see Camarillo having too many 100 yard games once Rice returns, but it won't be uncommon to see him with 50, 60 yards, and a TD or two. The unexpected Wide out

I'm rambling, but its good to be back!! SKOL