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    Classic Vikings games on DVD

    I know people are always looking for classic games to watch, especially in the offseason. I have a few games on my computer that I'd be glad to burn to DVD and ship to you. Would charge shipping, cost of the DVD and a couple bucks for my time.

    I'm trying to get ahold of a bunch of good ones, currently now I have
    1980 Cleveland Browns at Minnesota Vikings
    1998 NFC Divisional Round, Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings
    1999 NFC Divisional Round, Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams (Loss )
    1971 MNF Baltimore Colts at Minnesota Vikings
    2004 NFC Wild Card Round, Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers
    2009 San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings

    I'm currently trying to get ahold of the Cowboys playoff game, 1994 Bears @ Vikings and a couple other games from 1998, as well as any older games I can get ahold of.

    The quality varies by game, obviously the older ones being lower quality. all are watchable, the newer ones will look good on a full size TV, as they were HD quality, re-sized to fit on a DVD.

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    I think the NFL network just showed a game from 1998. I have a few games and specials still on my DVR that I plan on putting onto DVD (including AD's 2007 game against the Bears). I'll check to see if it's one of the ones you're looking for when I get home. I know I have specials on the 1969 and 1998 Vikings, too.

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    Re:Classic Vikings games on DVD

    I'd love the 2007 game vs. the bears and anything from 69/98.

    I've got about 15/20 games total right now, I'd be glad to send people a copy if you want some as well. I'll put up a full list when I get home. Not all are Vikings game, I have some classic ones, like the Ice Bowl, a couple games from the 40's/50's.

    I've got the NFC Divisional game in 1977 vs the Rams, known as the 'mud bowl' and a bunch of other good ones too. A few losses like the hail mary game and just some general playoff losses.

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    Re:Classic Vikings games on DVD

    alright, so I have:

    1946 NFL Championship: Bears vs. Giants
    1957 NFL Championship: Lions vs. Browns
    1967 NFL Championship: Cowboys at Packers
    1868 Superbowl 3
    1969 Superbowl 4
    1971 Colts at Vikings
    1975 NFC Divisional playoffs Dallas at Vikings
    1977 NFC Championship: Vikings at Dallas
    1977 NFC Divisional: VIkings at Rams
    1980 Browns at Vikings
    1983 NFC Divisional: Vikings at Redskins
    1994 Bears at Vikings
    1998 Divisional: Cardinals at Vikings
    2000 Vikings at Packers
    2004 Wild Card Vikings at Packers
    2009 Divisional: Cowboys at Vikings
    2009 49ers at Vikings
    2009 Packers at Vikings
    2009 Vikings at Packers

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    I would really love to have dvd copies of the 1980 Browns-Vikings, 1971 Colts-Vikes and the 2004 playoff game. I have the 5 greatest games in Viking history and the 1978 Eagles-Vikings game at the Met (Tarkenton's last home game)

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