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  1. Who Would Be A Good Fit At WR???

    The knee jerk reaction for me at first was to be angry and upset by the "hole" that Moss might leave but, after doing some thinking I do believe that it could be a really good deal for the Vikings. A good Linebacker and a lot of salery cap money freed up as well as the prospects of signing a consistent WR such as Mason makes me feel a little better. I do think that Mason would be a great fit because of his all around ability. He seems multi-diminsional even though he may not be a big play maker he shows several different ways of getting the ball. I also believe that the deal with Fowler is going to fall through. My biggest fear though is that whoever the new owner is they will want (quite rightly) a new stadium. We all know that Los Angeles is needing a new franchise and Tagliabue is wanting to give them one because of all the lost television revenue. Is anyone besides myself worried about this? :shock:
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    Who Would Be A Good Fit At WR???

    Moss was not going to be a Viking forever and we all knew this day was coming. We can never replace the guy but I think the team will be better overall. Alot of other team fans know that too but just won't admit it.

    The Vikings will always be in Minnesota. The nfl would do whatever it takes to keep them in Minnesota.

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  3. Who Would Be A Good Fit At WR???

    Ummmm, I thought Tagliabue has come right out and said that Minnesota needs to build a stadium? Anyway, the Vikings will be in Minnesota through their dome lease (2011). BUT, it will probably take about 4 years to complete a new stadium----soooo, something should be in the works around 2007. If nothing is done, all bets are off. IMO, I would not be surprised to see the Vikings leave. I don't think we will see the 'roller coaster' ride like we have with the Twins------I believe it will be have a stadium in the works, or they will leave.

    A Twins stadium should have been completed by the late 90's, and plans should be beginning for a new Viking stadium. Now, Minnesotans are looking at building 2 pro stadiums (and 1 college). It would be an absolute shame to see the Twins and/or the Vikings leave. That saying rings so loud and true, "you don't know what you have 'til it's gone".

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    Who Would Be A Good Fit At WR???

    I don't think the Vikings are ever going to move, IMO. I can see the Saints however. (better not be the Vikes)

  5. Who Would Be A Good Fit At WR???

    Let's hope not.. on the other hand.. seeing as we get caught in the wheel of misfortune most of the time.. I don't think it'd surprise me too much.

  6. Who Would Be A Good Fit At WR???

    That Steve Miller song is playing on the radio.. take the money and run.. it reminds me of somebody.. can't remember his name though..

  7. Who Would Be A Good Fit At WR???

    i thought this was a post on wr's guess i was wrong

  8. Who Would Be A Good Fit At WR???

    Ok, pavement, who would be a good acquisition in your opinion?

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    Who Would Be A Good Fit At WR???

    Jerry Rice needs a job!

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    Who Would Be A Good Fit At WR???

    personally i think edwards or williams is a sure lock to be a star in the league and is a must take at the 7th. But again the D is bad so i wouldn't be surprised to see them wait until the other 1st rounder to take a guy like Mark Clayton or Troy Williamson.

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