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    Re:How Long Will It Take?

    I thought i dvr'd it, but it was the shitty pregame. Even if i had, i delete all losses as soon as i can, to make way for wins i may want to watch on an off day. I'm not disappointed i never recorded it in the first place.
    I love the Vikings.
    If I'm not at the game, I'm watching it while
    watching my youngest son play hockey.

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    Re:How Long Will It Take?

    I am sure I will watch it in a couple weeks. Right now it is hard liquor and drugs. *sigh*

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    Re:How Long Will It Take?

    Probably won't ever watch it again. I watched it live and I have no interest in seeing it again (not even the highlights). Hats off to those who can re-watch it; its just not something I can do. Being a Vikings fan at times like this is difficult enough and I figure why make it worse by re-living the worst moments?

    The 98 game was on NFLN the past two weekends and I sat down both times thinking I could finally watch it. I couldn't make it more than about a minute either time before turning it off. Still too soon. It took 34 years before I could finally watch the 1975 Cowboys playoff loss and that was mostly because it was on NFLN and I wanted to see Tarkenton, Foreman, Page, Eller, etc. playing at the Met. It was more difficult than I expected and after all that time I still ended up yelling at the TV about the offensive pass interference at the end of the game. (Strange coincidence that a bad PI call played a huge part in the Vikings loss at the end of Sunday's game, too. Or maybe not - its the Vikings after all.)

  4. Re:How Long Will It Take?

    Purple Mk1 wrote:
    ...(Strange coincidence that a bad PI call played a huge part in the Vikings loss at the end of Sunday's game, too. Or maybe not - its the Vikings after all.)
    When I realized that our final drive was looking like a field goal, I turned to my husband in horror and asked if anyone had bothered to make sure Denny Green was not inside an 800 mile radius of New Orleans.

    Chilly's taking the blame for the 12 man penalty, but have we really examined the sidelines to make sure there wasn't a coach there that should not have been there?

    Just sayin'


    Anyway, haven't watched the '98 game with no intentions of ever doing so. Have no intentions of ever sitting through this game again either.

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    Re:How Long Will It Take?

    I can't watch... F that

  6. Re:How Long Will It Take?

    Only serious masochist's could do it.

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    Re:How Long Will It Take?

    Like many here.. I refuse to watch that diabolical '98 game.. I'm almost to the point where 2000 doesn't even exist in my memory. And I'll be damned before I watch this past NFC Championship game again, too.

    Never. I'm not even going to watch the Super Bowl this year (just like in '98 and '00).
    Vegans are eating the rainforests. =(

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    Re:How Long Will It Take?

    scottishvike wrote:
    I watched the highlights today, there is no way I'll ever sit through the whole game again, although I can't bring myself to delete it from my TV Hard Disk yet.

    I tell you one thing that would have been an incredible game to watch for the neutrals fans.


    I told my son as we were watching, and looking to win that this is one of the greatest games I've ever seen. To see a team fuck up as much and still be in it was amazing. And then...........................
    I've been a Viking fan since I was just out of diapers, hopefully we get Super Bowl win before I go back in 'em

  9. Re:How Long Will It Take?

    I'll never rewatch this game. When a team is clearly as much better as the Vikings were than the Saints it just hurts too much.

    The '98 game I honestly thought the Falcons played very well and deserved the win as much as the Vikings.

    The '75 team still had a great Ram defense to get past if they had beat Dallas and then the Steel Curtain. The AFC just had the Vikings number back in the 70s, almost to the point you wonder if they knew something. I watched an ESPN show where one of Oakland's players said Foreman lined up in a different location everytime it was a run play, they knew it the whole game and that was why they stuffed Minnesota so bad. Makes you wonder if the other teams the Vikings faced in the SB had similar info.

  10. Re:How Long Will It Take?

    once is enough

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