Was really a fun year this year of PPO FF for me.

Again, I reach the playoffs, only to have my high hopes of winning it all, killed by a certain player or two.

This year was tough to swallow, because it involved two vikings players, that should have easily put me into the championship. Only to let me down and not only that, but lose a very important game against the Panthers, at team we should have easily beat.

Favre and Rice, Thanks for not showing up this past week.

Gravedigger, here's to well earned win in your case. Now I'll be cheering you on to win it all. This way I can at least say i was beat by the best..

Best of Luck!

And thanks to Zeus and Webby and all the other players for making it another great season of PPO FF.

Like I always say, Wait till next year! LOL :P