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    Good idea - Bad idea?

    Weather conditions aside, and limited to bicycle speeds this might be a good alternative to driving....for those of us too lazy to ride an actual bicycle.
    Price makes me shudder, but I know cyclists who pay extrodinary sums for their two wheel freedom.

    Yikes! It's the foldable Yike Bike

    A snip at around $6,000, and available mid-2010, the Yike bike is an electric cycle that comes from New Zealand. The most awesome thing about this 21-pound bike (apart from those cool red, amber and green lights on the handlebars) is the fact that it can fold up into a minuscule little pack.

    As well as reminding me of that cute little unicycle that Honda showed off last month to the world, it looks like the kind of thing that Batman's offspring might use when they're learning to master the dark art of two wheels. There's a bonus vid below that should give any naysayers the answer to difficult questions such as, "Yeah, but how the hell will it handle a pothole?"


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    Re: Good idea - Bad idea?

    BAD idea

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    Re: Good idea - Bad idea?

    Those things are America's Funniest Home Video clips waiting to happen. I sooo badly wanted to see someone bite it.
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    Re: Good idea - Bad idea?

    Seem environmentally friendly. Might work in japan
    We're bringing purple back.

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