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  1. 35 Questions with some idiot named molineviking

    PP.O name:molineviking
    Real name:Marc Bolinger
    Current City:Moline, Ill.
    Occupation:Factory worker-Parker Hannifin

    1) How did you choose your screen name?

    I live in an area on the border of Illinois, and Iowa called the Quad Cities, Moline is one of them, (Davenport, Bettendorf-Iowa, Rock Island, Moline are the Illinois cities, all on the beautiful Mississippi River)
    2) molineviking, could you tell us a little about where you grew up and about your family?

    Grew up in Mpls. near Como ave. sort of by Van Cleve park, until I was ten, Moved all over the state until 15, lived in Duluth, Hibbing, Warroad, International Falls, and Indus, a tiny town on the Canadian border West of Inter. Falls, Parents divorced when I was 9, lived with dad, he was sort of disabled which is why we moved constantly, ended up moving to Indiana, Seattle, and California, where I graduated from.
    3) What type of student where you in High School? Did you play in any sports or where you involved with any school clubs and such? Good student, I always seemed to be ahead of the new school I attended every year, I credit this to spending so much time driving across country, life experience was spent reading newspapers all day driving. I ran track and almost went to college for it, My sophomore year I was running high 48's in the 400, then stress fracture caused me to not improve enough to get a scholorship. Also ran cross country which I hated but looking back was glad I stuck with it, ended up running many 5k's after school.

    4) What did you do after High School? Moved to Phoenix to go to some drafting school (PIT) lived in apts. with other students drinking and doing bongloads, which turned out to be more fun than focusing on school, Enjoyed the 110 degree heat everyday, (It was a dry heat-I hate that expression) lots of girls there-thanks Arizona St.

    5)What was your first job?

    Doing concrete tilt ups, (Wall Marts, Targets, large area buildings) This was in Southern cal. Simi Valley to be exact.
    6) When did you decide to be such a dedicated fan of the Minnesota Vikings? As a child growing up in Mpls. everyone was,

    7) Could you tell us one of your favorite memories that has to do with the Vikings or one of its past or present players, coaches, etc.
    Shopping in some downtown Mpls. department store during Christmas time, (Daytons, Donaldsons, Not sure) And stopped by the TV section and saw Tommy Kramer throw a bomb to Ahmad Rashad, 1980 against the Browns I think, Also Allan Page came to our school to talk to us in 3rd or 4th grade.

    8}How did you come to find PP.O and what attracted you most to the site?
    Stumbled across it during a random Viking search, checked it out and saw it was very in depth with lots of different stuff.

    9) What other sports teams do you follow? Twins, North Stars (Dino Ciccarelli was my guy) Gophers

    10) When you’re not on PPO what could you likely be found doing with your spare time? Messing with my 12 Yahoo fantasy football teams, Watching my eleven year olds football games, He's a QB sacking stud, who's the only kid who can kick good enough to do extra points, His team is 3-1, I'm very proud.

    11) Do you say a special prayer before Vikings games? Not before but usually around the 4th QT. when they've caused me much heartache, after the 98 loss to the Falcons My heart hasn't recovered, I sat devastated on the couch for a week.

    12)Where do you watch away Vikings games? At one of a few friends house with Direct TV football package.

    13)What is your worst fear? AP gets traded, on a serious note-something happening to my son, I don't know if I could handle that.

    14) What type of hobbies do you enjoy? Remembering worthless facts, dates, numbers, songs, Birdwatching-Stop laughing, I noticed a Red Tailed Hawk kill a squirrel one day and have been interested in birds ever since, Hummingbirds, Owls, Loons, just to name a few I find fascinating

    15) What’s your favorite food? Steak and mashed potatoes, could eat this every day of my life.

    16) Where are some of the places you’ve been, and where are some of your favorites. I used to move furniture in the 90's and went to 41 states, stopped everywhere, absorbed the local atmosphere, ate at many local fairs, saw a lot of beautiful sights, mountains, rivers, oceans, hills of trees in fall, Going to Europe is my lifes goal, I love all the history and super old structures, castles, ect.

    17) What is one thing you've always wanted to do, but haven't done yet in your lifetime? Go to Africa and photograph wildlife, really this is my dream job, working for National Geographic.

    18)If you could live anywhere where would it be? Northern Minnesota where we vacation every year, Lake Kabetogama, near International Falls is beautiful, clean, Loons calling, Eagles nesting, few people, Gods country if that term isn't overused.

    19) Do you believe the Vikings will have their big day someday? When they do win the Super Bowl, what will be the first thing you think you will do? Of course they'll win it some year, I will put up every bit of Viking gear I own, flags, car decals, clothes, horned hat, call all my Packer and Bear fan friends and rub it it their face till they hate me.

    20) Up to this date, what is one of your favorite PPO memories?[/b I'm still very new to here, So just meeting some of you at the Nov. 29th bear game will be great, My son and wife will be with me and they know how much fun I'll have being with my own kind, kinda like that bumblebee girl in that Blind melon video.20) Up to this date, what is one of your favorite PPO memories?
    meeting singer ha
    These were questions I never answered when filling this out

    21) Any bad habits?

    I used to have a bit of a temper (meaning a HUGE temper) Have calmed down a lot as the years have gone by, I used to smoke a lot of weed, Never until after High School though, Now only rarely.

    22) Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

    Used to have my ear pierced, stopped wearing an earring in 1996 when every boy over the age of 10 had one, It was less widely done in 88 when I got it, I have a tattoo of my son on arm, Owl on other arm and Drum roll..............Our Viking insignia on left calf, no color just shaded, Looks great!

    23) What type of music do you like?

    Everything from James Taylor to Slipknot to Bob Marley

    24) If you could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be?

    My family to all live a long life, Find a cure for cancer, Win the lottery

    25) Name 1 thing not many people know about you.

    I'm a serious animal lover, I even slow down for cats and squirrels in the street

    26) If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

    Go back in time, Then I could stop certain bad things from happening

    27) If given a complete freedom to start afresh, what profession would you choose and why?

    Photographer for National Geographic, To follow and photograph African Fish Eagles, Leopards, and Elephants would be exciting

    28) What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

    Taken acid and went to work as a 3rd shift stocker at a Target when I was 19

    29) Which is the most funniest prank played on you or played by you?

    Leaving fake messages on friends answering machines saying their rented porn is overdue

    30) If you were stranded on a lonely beach, what are the five things that you would want to survive?

    Food, Water, waterproof log cabin, box of lighters, 1,000 cases of beer

    31) If you could have dinner with any three people from any time, fictional or non-fictional, who would they be and why?

    Roger Tory Peterson-(THE most famous, knowledgeable ornithologist ever) King Leonidas from 300 (He was a bad motha) Al Capone

    32) What's the worst lie you ever told? Did you get caught?

    That I never cheated on my 10th and 11th grade girlfriend who I loved, She found out.

    33) How do you deal with someone you don't like?

    I used to say whatever I could think of to instigate a fight, Now I just nod and smile

    34) What is your favorite movie and why?

    Braveheart, Great story, Beautiful scenery, The underdog does some serious ass kicking

    35) Which is your most cherished childhood memory?

    Playing outside all day only coming home when it was dinner time.
    Even if the Vikings lose, I can still find happiness in Bears, and Packer losses.

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    Re: 20 Questions with some idiot named molineviking

    Absolutely love these things.

    Thanks for the read my friend and welcome to the site.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

  3. Re: 20 Questions with some idiot named molineviking

    Good to find meet you molineviking, good stuff.

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    Re: 20 Questions with some idiot named molineviking

    Nice to meet you molineviking.
    I lived down in Macomb for about five years before moving back up north.

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    Re: 20 Questions with some idiot named molineviking

    Interesting read, thanks for sharing!
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: 20 Questions with some idiot named molineviking

    Very interesting read.

    On a side note - if you like loons, I was lucky enough to get some GREAT shots with the DSLR this summer if you were interested.....

    Trust me, I'm a doctor.

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    Re: 20 Questions with some idiot named molineviking

    Thanks for the read Moline.
    Love these, for getting to know others on the site.
    Very interesting read.

  8. Re: 20 Questions with some idiot named molineviking

    Thanks for the kind words, I probably don't deserve any, Like I mentioned somewhere on here earlier-This should be mandatory for every member, And every now and then someone should ask some random question and it's a must to answer.
    Even if the Vikings lose, I can still find happiness in Bears, and Packer losses.

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    Re: 35 Questions with some idiot named molineviking

    As I'm away more than I'm on these days, I don't get to read all the threads. But I were inspired to get to know more about this cat.

    Thanks for the info Moline

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

  10. Re: 35 Questions with some idiot named molineviking

    "cogitans" wrote:
    As I'm away more than I'm on these days, I don't get to read all the threads. But I were inspired to get to know more about this cat.

    Thanks for the info Moline

    Thats very nice of you, I admit I probably talk too much on here, especially being so new, It's a bit of a shock reading about Viking topics and just being around Viking fans on here (So to speak-not in person but you know what I mean) since my life is surrounded by 98% Bears fans who never shut up about 1985.
    Even if the Vikings lose, I can still find happiness in Bears, and Packer losses.

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