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    Win/lose doesn't matter to me in this case. If...

    Win/lose doesn't matter to me in this case. If TJ progresses enough to actually lose this bet it wouldn't bother me at all. In fact to have a beer or two with good ole marty and caine would be fun....
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    As much as I'd love to see Frazier gone I think...

    As much as I'd love to see Frazier gone I think he will be back next year. I believe Zygi is still paying Childress then he will have to pay Frazier and a new HC. Just my opinion.

    It's nice to...
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    I for one don't question his arm stregnth however...

    I for one don't question his arm stregnth however I can answer his pocket awareness. I am only judging by preseason games and keep in mind the OL plainly sucks. Ponder did not look good a tall in...
  4. Thanks C. All is good. I look forward to more...

    Thanks C. All is good. I look forward to more debates. I'm sure they'll be a Ponder vs Webb or McNabb somewhere in the near future. lol Seriuosly, glad you're back.
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    I may be wrong but I think any team can sign a...

    I may be wrong but I think any team can sign a person from another team's PS as long as it's a roster spot.
  6. I'm not terribly pessamistic about the season. ...

    I'm not terribly pessamistic about the season. Fact is they played pretty well for 2 quarters of each game. if they can somehow play the entire game I see them doing pretty good. hell even if they...
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    Re: Expect new deal for Vikings' Johnson

    Glad to see it may happen. He deserves it.
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    Re: Brad Johnson: Who You Calling Old?

    "Being younger and mobile didn’t save Culpepper from injury last year"

    And..."Tony Richardson was one of the best moves we made this offseason."

    That's what I've said all...
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    Re: Possible trade for big Pat?

    This isn't worth losing sleep over. Pat did a great job last year. But if he can't stay healthy on his own that's his fault. We can't always go with what happened last year. If we did, Culpepper...
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    Re: Bud calls MeMo a "meow".

    I think what Singer says here is correct. Many fans bashed Tice for saying the same thing Grant has said. He brought up the point so people can ponder it. He never made any suggestion that Tice is...
  11. Re: Culpepper says everything ‘thumbs-up’

    "Tillmanhasnoballs84" wrote:

    So basically what you are saying is Pep is the only QB to be able to avoid a Safety Blitz. He's the ONLY one to EVER brake a tackle from a safety blitz. Is that...
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    Re: Bud calls MeMo a "meow".

    This language is disgusting!!!!! Just kidding. Anyway, I hope MeMo does stay healthy. he will fit in perfectly in this offense and can supply rest for Taylo. Kind of what Cincy had last year.
  13. Re: Culpepper says everything ‘thumbs-up’

    By the way, I like the animation Ultra
  14. Re: Culpepper says everything ‘thumbs-up’

    "SharperVikings" wrote:

    I agree with everything except I do kind of care how he does in Miami. I like the Dolphins too. Not as much as the Vikes of course but I do like them and root for them...
  15. Re: Culpepper says everything ‘thumbs-up’

    McNabb took his team to 4 consecutive NFC Championship games and 1 SB. I may agree he's better than Vick. As far as Manning, no way. Brady, no way. Not even Favre. He may be better than Favre now...
  16. Re: Culpepper says everything ‘thumbs-up’

    LOL Ultra
  17. Re: Culpepper says everything ‘thumbs-up’

    "Tillmanhasnoballs84" wrote:

    You're really starting to get on my nerves. I can back it up with facts. Let's see, I don't think I ever said he had a good line last year. I don't think anyone...
  18. Re: Culpepper says everything ‘thumbs-up’

    Also, I do agree that the coaching staff was part of Pep's problems. However, they do not teach you to hold the ball for 5 or 6 seconds nor do they teach you to fumble. The guy has no idea how to...
  19. Re: Culpepper says everything ‘thumbs-up’

    Oh yea I almost ofrot. Thanks Ultra for the compliment. Sorry about that.
  20. Re: Culpepper says everything ‘thumbs-up’

    Pep has had good front lines. His first several season in the NFl he had great front lines. No more excuses for him. He is not as good as McNabb, Manning, or Brady. He doesn't posess the...
  21. Re: Culpepper says everything ‘thumbs-up’

    Most accurate passer in NFL history????? Is that true? He must be the best QB that ever played the game then. Give me a break. Here is the realsitic breakdown on Pep.

    He is a talented QB with...
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    Re: Look At This Garbage

    I agree you can't blame them for being fans. They want to believe their team is best. Just like we do. Some people have realistic views and others don't. What bothers me are the people that...
  23. Re: Culpepper says everything ‘thumbs-up’

    If anyone gives the Vikings crap for trading him they are out of their mind and know nothing about the situation. The fact is and has always been he didn't want to be there anymore. He made that...
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    Re: Dwight Smith agrees to 3 year deal with Vikes!

    Cajun, where's Donnie Edwards????? I think we need him.
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    Re: Vikings look to plug hole in the middle

    I agree the middle LB is the heart of the defense. That is one of the reasons I and Cajun has been lobbying to try and get Donnie Edwards. He is a born leader and can step in anywhere he goes with...
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