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The Conversation that Closed the Yell

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Not sure who all was who but now the Yell is closed and we are just left with this.... Enjoy.

Zeus: Okay - done with PPO for the night - IBP - if you're not there on Sunday, you are forever a bigger ***** than Mars
Formo: Night
Formo: lol
12purplepride28: anyone in the PPO FF league have their games depending on players tonight?
ZeusIsADouche: testing
ZeusIsADoucheIsADouche: it worked
Formo: lol
i_bleed_purple: haha
ZeusIsADouche: Sweet
ZeusIsADoucheIsADouche: lol
ZeusLovesBoysSphincters: Holy abuse batman
ZeusIsADouche: lol
ZeusIsADoucheIsADouche: yes he does
ZeusLikesDick: haha
ZeusIsADoucheIsADouche: Best part of new site is the ability to change names
ZeusIsADoucheIsADouche: Nice link zeuslovesboyssphincters
ZeusLikesDick: This could get brutal
Formo: lol
ZeusIsAClosetPackFan: it's true
ZeusIsADoucheIsADouche: I started off defending douche
i_bleed_purple: hey guys what's happening?
ZeusLikesTo****Sheep: idk
12purplepride28: what's happening here?
12purplepride28: who are all these people
i_bleed_purple: new members prob
i_bleed_purple: Formo, email sent
Zeus Is A Homo:
i_bleed_purple: check your email formo
i_bleed_purple: god I just want some dick right now...
i_bleed_purple: What the ****!
i_bleed_purple: Who is posting under my name?!
Zeus: Why the **** is everyone using my name!
i_bleed_purple: aw **** your mouth
i_bleed_purple: Go packers!
Zeus: I love dick!
12purplepride28: ok guys this is getting out of hand
Zeus Is Gay:
Marrdro: I just want Favres dick!
i_bleed_purple: LMAO!!
i_bleed_purple: Canada sucks.
Zeus: I'm reporting this to webby
Zeus Eats Ass: Yummy
i_bleed_purple: And I like **** more than I like back gacon.
i_bleed_purple: what the **** is back gacon?
i_bleed_purple: The national food of Canada, beyatch
i_bleed_purple: Whoever is using my name it's not believable because you aren't using my link. it's to my online profile
i_bleed_purple: I fight on PPO because I'm short.
i_bleed_purple: This is so fun!
12purplepride28: GUYS STOP. HOLY ****. THIS IS SO STUPID
Webby1: LOL, do we need corners here
i_bleed_purple: NO YOU SHUT UP **** YOU IBP
i_bleed_purple: I'm short, I have small feet and a small nose. Oh - and a tiny schlong. In case you didn't get the subtle hints.
i_bleed_purple: yes but I can give a mind blasting blow job
Webby1: Marrdro is my favorite poster. Really.
i_bleed_purple: THIS ISN'T FUNNY ANYMORE!
ZeusHumpsGoats: and loves it!
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  1. Webby's Avatar
    LOL! Was nice.