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Draft 2012: Guys i like - Early Edition/Defense

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Jerel Worthy, Michigan State 1st
- Great run-stopping DT, big at 310 and gets in to the backfield and disrupts the opposing run-game, lastly in the Outback Bowl where we completely shut down Georgias run game.

DeAngelo Tyson, Georgia 7th-FA
- Also a pretty good run-stopper, Georgia had a top defence this past year, mainly due to stopping the opposing teams run game all night long.

Travis Lewis, Oklahoma, 2nd
Ronnell Lewis, Oklahoma, 2nd
- Both Oklahoma Linebackers are going to be pretty good at the next level. Not related btw.

Danny Trevathan, Kentucky, 4th
- Undersized but a great tackler, can drop in to coverage as well, however his main feature is his tackling, he is a tackle machine and can really run around the field and find someone to engage with, i figure he is gonna be an impact special teamer.

Luke Kuechly, Boston College 1st
Donta Hightower, Alabama, 1st
Vontaz Burfict, Arizona State, 1st
- All could be late first rounders, Kuechly, might be more than that, he is the best all around talent, Hightower produces a lot with tackles all around the field, while Burfict is the fastest and posseses some good pass-rushing moves, If we are dumping EJ would could go for one of those if they fall in the draft, but unlikely.

Morris Claiborne, LSU 1st
Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama 1st
- Both top corner prospects, Claiborne is a former wide reciever so he is still learning, his history should be able to make him a dangerous interception machine however he hasnt quite showed that yet, usually plays it safe, could do well in a zone defense. Dre is more like a playmaker, gambles on interceptions and has excellent ball skills, both are very highly coveted and will both go in the top 10 picks, its pick and chose, depending on what kind of defense we would like to run next season.

Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina 2nd
- Gilmore is a probable second rounder who would likely fit well in zone defense, very good corner, watched him alot in the SEC and think he could do well here.

Brandon Boykin, Georgia 2nd-3rd
- Very good returned, has taken many kicks to the house in his career, should do well as a nickle corner at the next level and make QB's pay for bad throws underneath. If Winny is moving to safety or is out the door, could be a good pick for us.

Mark Barron, Alabama 2nd-3rd
- Ballhawking safety who will make you pay for a bad throw over the middle, struggles a bit in run support, could end up in the first with a good offseason.

Antonio Allen, South Carolina 3rd
George Iloka, Boise State, 4th
Neiko Thorpe, Auburn, 7th - FA
- Need to find more information about these guys, but all look pretty interesting.

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  1. MaxVike's Avatar
    I'd like to see OT (Kalil, Scouts Inc 97, or Reiff, Scouts Inc 95, or, Martin, Scouts Inc 94) in Rd 1. Followed in Rd 2 with Vontaz Burflict (if he drops, Scouts Inc 92)...kid is gonna be a perennial Pro-Bowl star IMO. Best case would be to trade down a few spots, pick up Martin or Reiff, followed by Burflict.

    Truth is, the Vikes have so many needs, I'm really not sure how they can fuck this draft up.
    Updated 01-08-2012 at 07:03 PM by MaxVike