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If IBP was GM: Part 1

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Terrifying, I know. But what if? Everyone always says the guys in the NFL are far better at their job than us yutz's with a keyboard? Probably true, but I'm going to try anyway, comment with your changes!?

Goals for 2012:
Show improvement on both sides of the ball
>6 wins
Evaluate our youth to determine whether or not we can move forward with who we have, or need to look to replace them in the future.
Establish an effective offense and defense that we can build on for the next 5 years.


First thing I'm doing is pursuing at least one big-name coach. At least try, if they don't want to be here, then fine, but they definitely won't come here if we don't talk to them.

I like Spagnuolo at DC. Remember that guy who pressured the 18-0 Patriots into choking in the Superbowl? That one. He has a 4-3 scheme that allows us to keep our DL players in a position where they excel. Scrap the Cover-2 base and mix it up a bit. I'd love to see a multiple defense scheme, but start small to begin with. The great thing about Spag, is he's shown that he failed as a HC. Doesn't mean he can't be a good coordinator. What does this mean specifically for us? He's less likely to get poached as a HC replacement like a certain Mike Tomlin did.

OC: Musgrave has been hit or miss. He's had a few really good games in respect to playcalling. He's also had a lot of "wtf" moments. He's a guy that gets on a roll, but then kills a drive with some excessively cute playcalling. I'd like a guy who can do a few things, but do them right. IF nobody really good is available, then I'd be ok with giving Musgrave another shot. It's not like he had a ton to work with. However, if a guy like Gruden, Mooch or Billeck was willing to step back on the sideline, I'd take either in a heartbeat.

Assistants: Keep Singletary. I know some of you don't like him, but based on what? You have no idea what he does or does not do on our staff. I do know he didn't have a great run as HC, but was an adaquate assistant coach. He helped turn Vernon Davis into a good teammate instead of a selfish, whiny ass. I feel he'd be a good guy to have on a team that is struggling. Can help motivate the players to give it their all.

OL coach. Something needs to be fixed here. First thing is the talent. IF there's a replacement available, go for that. Tough for anybody to do well with the players we have. Out of position, hurt, aging. It's just not a recipe for success. Two starting quality players and a new scheme could be just what the doctor ordered.

QB coach. This guy was #1 on my list of guys to go, but after thinking about it, I'm not certain anymore. We saw with Ponder next to no improvement. However, with Webb we saw a ton of improvement. The guy is making some really good throws out there, and is starting to move through his progressions. Still not a guy I'd want every game leading the team just yet, but considering where he came from, the amount he's improved in two seasons is impressive. He's shown he can be a more than capable backup, and POSSIBLY a starter if necessary.

Secondary coach. Blame the scheme, blame the players, thing is, I'm a believer that it all starts at the top. The guy responsible for the secondary unit has not done his job in the past 5+ seasons. Not since Sharper was here. This to me is an obvious position that needs to change. I'm not familiar with exactly who's available, but the thing is, something should change here.

I feel with those changes to the coaching staff, we're on the right path to success. Create an environment where younger players can succeed, and vets can excel, and you'll find a team rather attractive to all sorts of players.

Players who go:

Hutchinson: Hutch may retire, he's been reportedly pondering that idea after taking longer than normal to recover from his concussion. At 35 or 36, he's had a long, impressive career, and I can't blame him one bit for wanting to step away while he's still relatively healthy. A great Viking and teammate, but I go into the season not expecting him to be back. If he returns, fantastic, if not, wish him the best.

Shiancoe: Shank is a UFA this offseason. After having two disappointing seasons since his great one in 2009, he has become expendable. Especially with the drafting of Rudolph. IF he's willing to take a pay cut and come in as our #2 option at TE, then I'd love to have him back, but he is playing so far below his pay grade. Tough to see one of our leaders on offense go, but best of luck elsewhere.

D'Imperio: Not sure exactly what the point of this LB-> FB experiment was, but he's been less than impressive. Not a threat as a consistant blocker, and not a threat as a check-down receiver. What exactly can he do for us? I'm not sure if he's under contract next season, but he can't be expensive if we do cut him.

Griffin: Cedric was looking real good prior to his injury, but unfortunately, he's not the player he was before. consistently slow, weak in tackling, just all-around unimpressive. Benched in one game for sub-par play and poor motivation. Hate to see it, but he's lost it.

Asher Allen: He's had more than enough time to work his way into the lineup as a legitimate #3 or better. Yes, he's started, but that doesn't mean anything. His play has been some of the worst on this team. Sherels is almost as good as him, and he's a mid-round rook. Despite the fact we are thin at this position, we need to at least try and upgrade this spot. Would be a #4/5 at best on most other teams. Not much upside, and a liability in coverage.

Tyrell Johnson: I like him early on, but he's not lived up to expectations. Athletic, but something just isn't there. Makes a great play one play, then gets toasted the next. Mostly mental mistakes on his part, but problem is, if he can't grasp the mental aspect of the game after this much time, I'm not sure he ever will. We can't afford to keep giving him opportunities to prove me wrong.

Fred Evans: Kept as what appears to be Pat WIlliams replacement. Problem with this, is he just isn't that good. Perhaps a change of scenery would be best for both us and him.

Hererra: at 34 years old, consistently injured and playing sub-par, Hererra's time here has come to an end. Look for something new here.

Booker: He's had two seasons here, and on offense, has not looked good. Fumble-prone, and small. Quick little SOB, but you need more than just that to stay on the team. He's looked pretty good returning kicks, but then again, so has Harvin and Sherels

Camarillo: After 3 seasons with us, he has done literally nothing that warrants an extension. With Jenkins on IR, Berrian cut and Harvin in and out of games, he has been practically invisible on the team. I like the guy as a teammate, plays hard, doesn't complain, but eventually you need the skill to match the attitude.

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  1. i_bleed_purple's Avatar
    Part 2:

    Surprise retentions:

    A few players that some might think are on the hotseat will make the cut this year.

    Loadholt: An obvious candidate. He has played like a slower version of McKinnie. After a fairly impressive rookie season (blocking for Favre... who woulda thunk it), he has declined every season since. But all is not lost. If only there was a position on the line where a 340 lb monster of a man could succeed. A position where lateral mobility isn't quite as important as technique and strength. Wait... there is! It's Guard. Loadholt has the physical ability to play the position, and since he's still under contract, what harm is there in letting him try? Worst case, he doesn't work out and we either replace him or keep him at RT. Best case, we get a good Guard

    Charlie Johnson: See Loadholt.

    Hussein Abdullah: After having a pretty good season in '10, he's stepped backwards this season. However, you get more than one chance to show you deserve to play. Can't ignore his good season, and due to the incredible lack of depth in the secondary, Abdullah gets to stay.

    Now, of course this will be very dependent on who is available where we pick, but if realistic, we should make an effort to get

    Blackmon(If Kalil is taken)
    Ashton Jeffrey (If we get Kalil)
    LaMichael James (If he's available in the mid-3) as a Booker replacement.
    An athletic Corner
    Athletic LB

    In no particular order, Ideally, take BPA as we draft. I'd love to see a faster LB come here who has the range and skill to be a big playmaker for us. G/T are obvious needs, as is safety and corner. I'd like a tall, athletic corner to join our secondary. Enough of these 5'10, 180 lb guys who run a 4.7. Get someone with the physical skills to be a playmaker. It works.

    Free Agents.
    Easy to say pick the top 5 best players and be done, but we can't do that. This season I don't plan on being a big player in the FA market. A few depth signings, and if we can get one big player, fantastic, but I'm not going to throw too much at him and jeopardize the teams development.

    Blocking FB. Sorry if you believe FB is a dead position, I do not. a good FB can help establish some rhythm and get your team moving. I think Gerhart in the I behind a big blocking FB would be a painful thing for other teams to defend. I'm saying this assuming AP isn't 100% recovered by the preseason. We will be running AP less this year than any other year, there's no way around it. Gerhart will have an expanded role with the team. Gerhart is no AP though, he's a guy who can put his head down and churn out a few yards. However, as we saw if we can get him a hole, he can get some steam going and turn what would be a 4 yard run into a 9 yard run. A FB that can take that extra LB off him and give him a bit more space can really help us. Lord knows our OL hasn't been able to regularly do that.

    IF a guy like Bowe/V-Jax is available, I'll make a push to get him. Perhaps drive up the price a bit for some other team, but I wouldn't get in a bidding war with a team who's a receiver away from making a real push as contenders. We have far too many holes that need filling to be doing that. Furthermore, the last thing we need is a big-name rental player. We need someone comitted to the team who will be a part of the Vikings for the next 5+ years. I'm not certain VJ is that guy. Bowe might. Absolutely staying away from Desean Jackson. We already have our speedy Yac guy with Harvin, A bigger target is more along the lines of what we need.

    This would be a good time to get a safety who has played alright coming off his first contract. A corner if one who matches my ideal build comes available, and perhaps a big-name OL player. Other than that, just small signings.

    Will this make us contenders for 2012? No. Will we make a push to the superbowl? No..

    What it will do is help establish a base of talent and coaching that will allow us to grow in 2013 and potentially be an elite team within the next 3 years. It's too big of a task for anybody to turn this team around next season, so no point of trying with the big-name 2-season FA rentals. Build through the draft, sign young players you like to turn into stars.

  2. kevoncox's Avatar
    I liked some of your moves...
    In the draft however, I believe addressing Saftey or LB in the 2nd in important.
    I beliee Henderson is gone because we have a Darn good back up for him. I would like to see us get Vontez Burfict from ASU and take a long look at Ray Ray Armstrong From Miamiami in the 3rd or 4th. 6'4 4.5 forty with a 38 inch vert is my kinda saftey. Problem is he wasn't a huge play maker this season. I say take gamble
  3. i_bleed_purple's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kevoncox
    I liked some of your moves...
    In the draft however, I believe addressing Saftey or LB in the 2nd in important.
    I beliee Henderson is gone because we have a Darn good back up for him. I would like to see us get Vontez Burfict from ASU and take a long look at Ray Ray Armstrong From Miamiami in the 3rd or 4th. 6'4 4.5 forty with a 38 inch vert is my kinda saftey. Problem is he wasn't a huge play maker this season. I say take gamble
    I don't know what EJ's contract status is, so I see it hard to just cut ties with him without actually having a replacement on roster or available to pick up. He'll be one to go in the next 2-3 years for sure. If he's a UFA this season, then it makes the most sense to let him walk now.
  4. kevoncox's Avatar
    EJ is a free agent
  5. 12purplepride28's Avatar
    Camarillo has only been with us two seasons. That's my contribution. But nothing I really disagree with here. Good work.
  6. Johnson14's Avatar
    Nice work my friend!

    I agree with most of it, if not all.

    I think Loadholt is a player and will make that RT his own, agree with the goings pretty much too, like D'Impeiro and Booker.

    People may call me crazy but I think DeGeare has the potential and ability to take over Hutch's spot.

    Nice blog dude
  7. bleedpurple's Avatar
    My 2 cents.... If i was the Owner

    Hire the player personnel guy from the packers to GM our team. or Parcels?

    Fire the coaching staff with the exception of:

    DL coach, strength coach, QB coach?, receivers coach

    Ideal coachs would be Fischer, Crennel, Chudzinski for HC


    DL is cool
    Target a receiver in FA.. Bowe, V. Jackson, S. Johnson
    Target CB's Finnegan, Grimes and Tyvonne Branch at Safety

    (We should claimed Jared Gaither off of waivers btw.)

    Draft: assuming we get a receiver, and CB or safety

    #3- if Khalil is there take him.

    if not, trade back with either skins, browns, for a swap of 1st round picks, and their second and 4th round pick (according to the trade chart)

    at 4 (Jonathan Martin OT Stanford or claiborne CB LSU,)
    at 6 (Martin, Reiff OT Iowa, or claiborne (if he's still there)
    2nd round pick, Safety, LB, CB
    3rd round LB, OG
    4th - 7th needs RB (speedy/Shifty), LB, S, CB, DT, WR, KR/PR BPA, .

    Hutch, reduce contract or let walk/retire
    Ej, thank him for service and let walk
    abdullah, walk
    Put Greenway on notice he needs to get better or potential reduce $$/trade $10 mill for a LB who can't cover is entirely too much.

    Griff, reduce contract and give him a try out at safety
    Bring Cook back
    Asher - let walk or sign to a low contract as a 5th corner
    Camarillo cut
    Jenkins cut

    Move Charlie Johnson to OG, Loadholt needs to get better but he's too tall to play guard, RG (Herrara, Drafted OG), LG Johnson, LT Reiff/Martin

    All these moves should make the starting roster look like this


    1. Bowe/V.Jax/S.Johnson 2. Harvin 3. Aramashodu

    Peterson(inj), Gerhart(inj)/Harvin(hybrid, change of pace)/Rook

    Rudolph 2. Reisner

    Martin/Reiff 2. Charlie J. 3. Sullivan 4. Herrera/Rook 5. Loadholt

    FB (based on set)

    Defense (hybrid 4/3 3/4)
    Allen, Williams, Ayodele/Ballard, robison

    Greenway, Rook/Brinkley, Henderson, Griffin (depending on set)

    Winfield/Claiborne (if drafted), Finnegan/Grimes, Winfield/Cook

    Branch/Rook, C.Griffin/Sanford (yuck)/Raymond(yuck)

    Fischer/Chudzinski/Crennel?/up and commer

    McKennzie (packers), Parcels

    that's what I would do.. or some portion therof...
  8. i_bleed_purple's Avatar
    If you were GM, you'd hire a new GM?
  9. 12purplepride28's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by i_bleed_purple
    If you were GM, you'd hire a new GM?
    Read the first sentence of his post.

    "My 2 cents.... If i was the Owner"

    Btw bleedpurple, no way we get Bowe AND Vjax. We'll be lucky to get one of them.
  10. i_bleed_purple's Avatar
    12PP, I thin khe meant have either VJ or bowe, not both.
  11. 12purplepride28's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by i_bleed_purple
    12PP, I thin khe meant have either VJ or bowe, not both.
    Oh haha, got me there. Not sure what I was thinking.