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Draft 2012: Guys i like - Early Edition/Offense

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Jeff Demps - Florida, 5th - 7th
Chris Rainey - Florida, 5th - 7th
- Two very alike runners, both is pure speed and run around the 4.3, If we want a change of pace kind of guy, both can also take over at returns and we can use Percy more on offense instead.

Justin Blackmon - Oklahoma State, 1st
- Reminds me of Greg Jennings, with his height/speed, very hard to contain, finds holes in the opposing defence and very rarely goes under a 100 yards. Big part of their success and possible NC game bid.

Michael Floyd - Notre Dame, 1st
- Tall at 6'3, local kid, comes from St. Paul, good to go up and get the ball and bail out his QB on some throws.

Nick Toon, Wisconsin, 2nd-3rd
- I little bit inconsistant, but seems to always come up with the important catches for his team, also a good blocker and a good fit for a run first offense like ours.

Dwight Jones, North Carolina 2nd-3rd
Tommy Streeter, Miami, 2nd-3rd.
- Both good size at 6'4, Good numbers also, Jones with 11 TD's and Streeter with 8.

TY Hilton, Florida International 3rd - 4th
- Does a lot of the same things as we do with Percy, might be a good addition to our offense and not take that element away whenever Percy goes to the sideline, very illusive and can shake a tackle, moves around well, has some fumble issues but can be corrected.

AJ Jenkins, Illinois 3rd-4th
Marvin McNutt, Iowa 4th
- Both with great contribution, AJ Jenkins is the top reciever in the Big Ten and Marvin McNutt has 12 touchdowns this season.

Juron Criner, Arizona, 7th - FA
DaJon McKnight, Minnesota 7th - FA
- Criner has been bothered by injuries, but has good size at 6'4 and good contribution, McKnight some might know from the Gophers, some feel he could end up a steal in the draft/FA.

Matt Kalil, USC 1st
- Good all-around, doesnt show any weakness and pretty much everyone in the draft world feel he will be an excellent player, plays at 295 but has the frame to put on more weight and become a stronger player, excellent footwork, brother plays for the Panthers.

Riley Reiff, Iowa 1st
- True left tackle for Iowa, usually dominates his matchup, good athelete, can play LT in the NFL, looks good in both run and pass blocking.

Andrew Datko, Florida State 3rd
- Ponders LT from College, could they pick him up in this draft?, bothered by injuries and should have been a first rounder if not, plays at a high level.

Donald Stephenson, Oklahoma 7th
- Need to find out more about this guy, seems like a good prospect but most scouts have him ranked low. Oklahomas offensive line has been pretty good this year, has been playing LT, he has had some acedemic issues as well and some problems with his shoulder.

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