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At last it's Sunday...

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which means that football is back on the agenda again for my Sunday evening enjoyment.
As ever this will mean dark autumn/winter evenings and the odd late night/early morning sessions in front of the PC ( TV if i'm lucky for the Vikes to be shown live here ). However that's the lot for the NFL fans in the UK & Europe if we want to follow our favourite teams.

So the question is what are we going to get from our Vikings this season? My immediate hope is that at the very least we will see a vast improvement from the run left, run right, throw mentality that was in place for the previous few years. Frazier is now the permanent HC and that has brought a few changes in both coaching staff and players.

I'm looking forward to see exactly what Musgrave brings to the team in terms of offensive scheming, motivation and, more importantly playcalling. At least now it will be a little clearer as to who is making the calls and make sure the right person gets the relevant praise or catcalls - unlike the previous regime which was based on mystery and confusion. In fact they spent more time and effort trying to confuse their own fans and owner than they did game planning for our opponents.

Here's to a great game, with AD showing why he was worth that contract extension. At least now we can get to see some proper football action seeing as we missed out on so much due to the lockout.


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  1. shockzilla's Avatar
    Nice first post of the season! Hopefully, you won't have too many late nights this season!