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Should the Vikings Move to a 3-4 Defense in 2012?

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Today, I heard a rumor that the Vikings could be moving to a 3-4 defense in 2012. If this could help our pass defense, I would be in favor of this move. If not, then I would suggest they stay with a 4-3 defense.

If the Vikings wanted to move to a 3-4 defense, here's what I feel could work:

NT: Start Ayodele (318 lbs.) for now. Rotate in Guion and Evans. Draft a 320+ lb. NT (unless they can find someone good in free agency).

DE: Start Kevin Williams and Christian Ballard.

OLB: Start Jared Allen and Brian Robison, backed up by Everson Griffen.

ILB: Start Greenway, and draft a 3-4 ILB or sign one in free agency. Perhaps Erin Henderson or Jasper Brinkley could back up the 2 starting ILB's.

As much as I like E.J. Henderson, I just think the time may be right to move forward without him. Thoughts, anyone?

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  1. Freakout's Avatar
    I like the 3-4 and I would prefer we ran it but it isn't happening as long as Frazier is coach.
  2. skum's Avatar
    With the pass-rush we generate from the 4-3 i don't think its a good idea to change.. We need a new backfield who can cover a bit more than our current guys have all season and the front 4 would be even more damaging and as Frazier said, i don't think he believes in the 3-4.
  3. 2beersTommy's Avatar
    do you have a link for the "so-called rumor"?
    I'd like to read that..I remember the buzz (not alcohol related), when they ran the 3-4 back in the mid 80's.
  4. skum's Avatar
    It was sugessted by Tom Pellisero from ESPN1500, maybe thats the rumour, i guess its just based on the fact that we see many successfull 3-4 defences in the league now because it puts one more athelete on the field but i still think that our defence will work once we get some better players in the secondary and more consistancy on offense so the defence isnt our there all the time..
  5. Purple Floyd's Avatar
    Why switch when the T2 is working so well for us?
  6. battleaxe4cheese's Avatar
    We could be switching to the "west coast" defense...
  7. BBQ Platypus's Avatar
    Terrible, terrible idea. There's a far simpler solution to what ails the Vikings: get a better secondary.

    Jared Allen would be wasted in such a defense - he is not the OLB type. He's a technique guy. It would be an Aaron Kampman-esuqe disaster to move him there. Robison would probably do fine, though.

    And where's our nose tackle? We don't have one. Pretty important in a 3-4.

    It won't fix our secondary, either. We'd only be wasting the few talented players we have on defense, without fixing the problem.
  8. vking1's Avatar
    I agree with bbq. The problem is with the back seven. Right now the strength of the Vikings D is the defensive line. The Vikings don't have the linebackers to implementation the change. To fix the defense, the Vikings need to replace the safeties and corners. The Vikings don't even have the linebackers for a 4-3 let alone a 3-4.
  9. Marrdro's Avatar
    2 Things.....

    1. You would still have to find a 0 technique NT to hold the point/ eat up blockers on running plays and collapse the pocket on passing plays. Why not just draft one this year and keep your same scheme?

    2. K-dubb was forced to play the 3-4 his rookie year and he absolutely hated it. If you cut over to the 3-4 you might as well start looking for another option that K-dubb cause he will leave.

    Look, our defense will be fine if we do the following: (Based on Cook still playing next year)

    a. Get rid of Whinny. Move Asher to RCB, Cook at LCB and move Griff inside in the nickle were he can play both S and CB.

    b. Draft a kid like Alameda Ta'amu (first round)/Kwame Geathers (2nd rount) to finally shore up the middle that has been lacking the last 2 or 3 years. One of those cats will not only eat up blockers in the run he will also be able to collapse the pocket which would prevent the QB from stepping up and around the edge rushers like we saw happen last week. Seriously, that kid didn't hold JA to no sacks because he was great. All he did was route JA deep away from the QB.

    c. Get rid of Frazier and let Pagac call more of the "Press/Zone" defense.

    On a side note, take alook around the league at how many of your 3-4 teams are converting back to 4-3 teams. The time to run 3-4's are over with because of how the offenses are starting to move to spread offenses and the multiple TE sets like the Patriots run.
  10. Purple Floyd's Avatar