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Where Is Joe Webb?

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When the Vikings drafted Joe Webb out of the University of Alabama-Birmingham in 2010, he was a 6"4" amazing athlete with lots of potential. A quarterback in college, the Vikings originally drafted him to play WR in the NFL, but after seeing his potential in training camp, they decided to keep him at QB. Seemed like a smart move at the time.

Now, after the QB mess over the first 6 games this season, Christian Ponder is the starter for the rest of the season, McNabb is the backup and Webb is the third-stringer. Many fans were screaming for McNabb's replacement for a while, and now they have been satisfied. But what of Joe Webb?

When he was drafted last season, many people liked Joe Webb's potential, just as an amazing athlete. And when he played QB, especially in the Viking's upset of Philadelphia on the first Tuesday night game in almost 60 years in the NFL, he showed a poise and toughness, and skill level, that belied his little time in the NFL. At the beginning of this season, before the lockout and the mess that it caused, the Vikings were poised to come into camp with Ponder and Webb competing for the starting QB job. Then, of course, McNabb was brought in and everything changed.

If Joe Webb is such a great "athlete", and if the plan to put him at WR in the pros was changed because he was a such a good QB prospect, where is he in this offense? Wouldn't it make sense to use such a "gifted athlete" as often as you can? And it would seem with the dearth this team has a WR, why not give him a shot, seeing as how that was the original plan with him in the first place? You can't have him both ways. Keeping him at third string QB would seem a waste of his talent, and yet they don't want to put him at WR? How is that not a waste of his talent as well?

On Tuesday night, October 25th, I saw a display of Joe's talent that only proved to me that he HAS to be used more in this offense, at WR or wherever they can get him in. Heck, put him in at KR or PR!!! This man has amazing hand strength, a vice for a grip, and moves like a cat. We were at Seven, the restaurant in downtown MPLS, on the roof patio for the weekly taping of GameON!, and he had appeared on the show.

Things were wrapping up, and TV equipment was being put away. It was a brisk and windy night, and as a gust of wind started swirling on set, I saw a light post starting to go down. Out of NOWHERE, Joe came to the rescue, grabbing the light post and saving it from crashing down to the cement! Cheers went up from everyone in attendance, and the legend of "Mighty" Joe Webb was born!

Come on Vikings front office, get this guy involved!!!!!

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  1. thorshammer's Avatar
    I have been wondering the same thing ...... we saw some of what he can do last year ..... let's get him doing something ...... I'm sure he can help us.
  2. smegmavike's Avatar
    Earlier this week Frazier said Webb would be used some at wide receiver then seemed to back-pedal the next day and said they had some packages for Webb.
    It's obvious his skills are wasted on the bench.
    It also seems obvious that Musgrave has yet to figure out how and when to use him.
    Should Musgrave figure it out, (this is a rebuilding year so experiment at WR,returner, whatever),
    Webb should be able to improve the team in a more significant role.
    Good job Shock.
  3. Marrdro's Avatar
    What a great blog Shock.

    I think this can be traced back to two things......

    1. Change in coaches. Obviously Leslie and Musgrove don't have the same vision for Joe that the Chiller and Bevs did. As they continue put the offensive roster together we might just see Joe not make the roster. Possibly as early as next year.

    2. Ponder. There were several on PPO, and quite a few more out there in blogville, who thought Ponder should sit and Joe should take over, mostly based on the Iggles game last year. After two good showings, Ponder might be doing just enough to win that crowd over.

    In he end, I really like Joe and hope he stays with the team, but I really don't think this coaching staff has it in them to figure out how to use him. Just the comments we hear out of Leslie causes us the fans confusion, can you imagine what its doing to Joe?

    Again, great stuff my friend.
  4. vking1's Avatar
    Why is Webb number three on the depth chart?? Hopefully McNabb will be gone next year. Its pretty pathetic when an NFL QB can't complete a ten yard pass without it hitting the turf six feet away from the receiver. Joe Webb needs to be taking the number two QB reps. Develop Webb so if Ponder goes down, the Vikings have another qb. Sorry but McNabb is done.