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Early 2012 NFL Draft impressions #2

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Didn't really watch any good games this week, they had the UCI Cycling World Championship in Copenhagen and i had to go watch early Sunday with some of my friends.

Also, outside of Alabama - Arkansas and maybe Florida St - Texas AM, the matchups was pretty poor.

However, been reading a little on AJ Jenkins from Illinois, he is on the rise and have been very under the radar, on several expert sites only rated as 7th rounder, he is Illinois number one guy on offense right now and its worth having a look at him. Should run somewhere in the 4.4's, so he is not lightning fast but still pretty quick.

Also Melvin Ingram from South Carolina, is a defensive lineman with 3 touchdowns on the season already, he plays special teams as well as starting on their defensive line. He is a former running back who have some speed, despite being a big guy.

Watch him here on the touchdown he had this weekend or just youtube Melvin Ingram, plenty of stuff there.

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