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Vikings ready to ante up?

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2011 was a bit of a rough year for the Vikings fans, but this is the nature of sports. Every now and then thereís a down year, or a down period of time. Itís very similar for the Minnesota Vikings and their fans. In fact, there are several strong indications that 2010-11 may just have been a short versions of a bad beat. Call it a blip on the radar rather then a sign of things to come. The same could be said about poker party game. You might get a few great hands during a hot streak, and then have to endure a few bad hands before getting back on a roll.

To begin with, though certain elements of the team were obviously weak, and led to a 3-13 record, the strongest points of the team this season was that rookie quarterback Christian Ponder showed signs of being a very competitive offensive weapon. One of a number of rookie quarterback who showed promise this season, Ponder brought a completely unexpected level of composure to his team, and showed a cool desire to propel himself to new heights. The organization is certainly feeling optimistic about its offense looking ahead Ė if Ponder can continue to improve and perform well, and can stay healthy, there is an anchor in place for years to come.

When you consider all aspects of the Vikings as a team, youíll see that there are still many reasons to ante up and go ahead and snag some tickets, before the 2012 campaign. We feel that this team may be primed for a quick turnaround.

The Vikings past NFL seasons are like playing a party poker game online, itís time again to go all-in.

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