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  1. The Conversation that Closed the Yell

    Quote Originally Posted by 12purplepride28 View Post
    Not sure who all was who but now the Yell is closed and we are just left with this.... Enjoy.

    Zeus: Okay - done with PPO for the night - IBP - if you're not there on Sunday, you are forever a bigger ***** than Mars
    Formo: Night
    Formo: lol
    12purplepride28: anyone in the PPO FF league have their games depending on players tonight?
    ZeusIsADouche: testing
    ZeusIsADoucheIsADouche: it worked
    Formo: lol
    i_bleed_purple: haha

    Very disappointing:

    QB: C+ Didn't look good, but didn't look bad. Didn't really do anything, 7-15 for 39 yards isn't enough. Sorry, I mis-spoke. 7-15 for 39 yards is fucking pathetic. I blame partially playcalling, awful pass blocking and just probably unfamiliarity with the team.

    RB: B+ Had some nice runs, but again, once the Chargers realized we weren't going to pass, they stoped him. Went over 100 yards, then lost the 100.

    OL: D Wow, just wow. ...
  3. At last it's Sunday...

    which means that football is back on the agenda again for my Sunday evening enjoyment.
    As ever this will mean dark autumn/winter evenings and the odd late night/early morning sessions in front of the PC ( TV if i'm lucky for the Vikes to be shown live here ). However that's the lot for the NFL fans in the UK & Europe if we want to follow our favourite teams.

    So the question is what are we going to get from our Vikings this season? My immediate hope is that at the very ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeus View Post
    Oh yeah, baby. Let the rabble be envious! =Z=
    For those of you that haven't been around long, there used to be a feature of a special set of forums for those that reach a certain posting level.

    They have returned, and in turn, we re-invited the users to join the new forum. If you don't see the Hall Of Famers forum, you will once you reach 1250 posts.

    SKOL, and here's to the new year!!
  5. And Here We Go...

    We all saw last night how good the Packers are going to be - putting up 3 touchdowns in the 1st quarter against the Saints was no mean feat. If possible, Aaron Rodgers looks even better than last year. The Pack came out right from the start looking to prove they deserve the title of "defending Super Bowl champions", and in my eyes, they did. They've lost virtually none of their roster from last year, and everyone who was hurt last year is healthy now. They are going to be tough to beat all year. ...
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