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  1. A Scottish Viking in London Part 2

    Sunday, decided to go to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London in the morning before the game. The weather was good, which it had been for most of the 3 days, some of the other London games have been pretty wet but they had all been in October so being a month earlier made a big difference. After we had a walk around choose to take a boat back to central London before heading to Wembley. While waiting for the boat we got talking to a tourist from India who spent a few years at college in Minnesota ...
  2. A Scottish Viking in London Part 1

    First up I have to say I don't really agree with moving regular season
    games overseas. It's unfair to the home teams fans, and the players
    also lose the advantage of playing in their own stadium. Goodell seems
    to be pushing for a London franchise so the games are going to keep
    coming and I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, am I?

    So anyway my wife and I drop the kids off at relatives and fly down on
    Friday morning. Staying in a nice ...
  3. It Was 25 Years ago Today.......

    .....When I sat down to watch the UK's weekly NFL TV show. Now I had been a fan of the sport for about a year but I still didn't support any individual team. Anyway the featured game in this particular week was the Vikings at the Redskins, which had actually taken place the week before but we only got a highlights package of the games a week after. The game certainly didn't lack offence, over 1000 yards between the two teams and as the game went into overtime tied 38 - 38 I found myself cheering ...