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    Check out this site. Its the one I'm gonna use as my base reference point for my mock, mostly cause it has a cool mock generator that will auto pick based on what you put in for team needs priorities.

    2012 NFL Draft Team Needs
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    That is my old thinking. I haven't changed much though.

    I am praying we finish with the 2nd pick so that we can trade out of it. There will be several teams salivating over Barkley and RG3. The potential is there to really come away with another high 2nd and 3rd rounder while still walking away with a LT like Jonathan Martin.

    I like Brandon Thompson out of the DT's that may be available. He is so compact and explosive off the snap. De'quan Bowers has given credit to Thompson for the production he had at Clemson due to the doubles Thompson always draws. He fits the 43 DT more so than Ta'amu.

    I do like Ta'amu. I think he is a little bit more fit for being a 34 NT but he definitely could play in the 43. He isn't as quick off the snap as Thompson but for his size he is very athletic.

    Dontari Poe in my opinion is strictly a 34 NT. He gets no push up the middle. The guy is just incredibly strong and you can't budge him.

    I differ though on the Oline. I strongly believe Hutchinson is done, I don't want Charlie Johnson starting though I think he is perfect in a Artis Hicks role, and Herrera is always injured. Long story short you don't spend 100 million on a running back without investing in your offensive line. You don't draft a rookie QB if you cannot give him time in the pocket.

    As for receivers, Criner is way down the list. Dwight Jones, Mohamed Sanu, Marvin McNutt would all be guys I would take over him. Probably even Reuben Randle.

    The bad thing is I fully expect there to be a run on CB's at the end of the 1st round. We may have a shot at guys like Hosley and Gilmore but I would rather go BPA at another position of need rather than reach on those two. Couple of good safety's available though in TJ McDonald and Markelle Martin in round 2. Mark Barron as well though he is more of a SS.

    I have really been into the draft this year. Lack of any NBA games gave me too much free time.
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    Good stuff my friend. Haven't had a chance to look at the FA market yet so I will have to just give you my thoughts on the draft.

    Totally agree. Fix your OL by adding a Vet LT. Move Johnson to RG (I like Herrera but he can't stay healthy) were he is better suited, keep Sully at C and hope that a new LT will allow Hutch to get one more year. Draft a RG (or hope one of your bench guys will step up) just in case Hutch has issues.

    It will be a feeding frenzy for Luck and/or Barkley with both being gone in the top 5. That means we can move down a bit and still target a WR (Blackmon/Floyd/Criner) that would provide that big possesion kindof guy who can work the intermediate to long 5, 6 and 7 routes as well as to give Ponder a nice target in the red zone.

    If you don't like what you see at WR (and if Cook is let go) then you can go ahead and still target a Clairborn or Kirkpatrick in the first or get a Floyd or Criner in the second/late first.

    On a side note, I'm still on my DT soap box. Probably still in the minority, but we need a guy who can fill in at the 0 tech like Phat Pat used to. Really like the kid you mention Ta'amu but I think he will go to early. Geathers is a nice option, but will probably go late first, early second. A kid I've been looking at (3rd/4th round) is Dontari Poe. Mix him in the rotation with RDE JA, DT K-Dubb and LDE Griff and I think we will have something.

    Move Rob back to a situational rusher/backup, rotate Guion and Ballard with K-dubb and the DL might be able to not only collapse the pocket, but stop the run.

    Again, good stuff. Like what your thinking.