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    Marty, you're correct: Monk, Clark, Sanders and Rypien for the 1989 Redskins.
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    Enjoyed the read Shock, thanks.

    Answer... 2004 indy Colts.
    Reggie Wayne= 1210
    Marvin Harrison= 1113
    Brandon Stokley= 1077

    QB= payton Manning
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    Good stuff Shock. Glad to hear your side of things......

    I would automatically jump on Warner and the Cards as the most recent and probably go with the greatest show on turf in there but after watching the HOF stuff I'm gonna go with a Deadskin group.

    Monk, Clark, (Can't remember the third Saunders?) and Rypien at QB
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    As always, good stuff my friend. You need to put out a bit more....
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    LOL no - with Yahoo, the draft order is picked randomly 1/2 hour before the live draft.
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    does commish get courtesy first draft pick? I heard that somewhere
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    Quote Originally Posted by Webby
    Hey Shocker, can we link to the Facebook HOF Campaign for Jim???
    Will do, here AND GameON!
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    Hey Shocker, can we link to the Facebook HOF Campaign for Jim???
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    Also...The Waiting is the hardest part... 12/28 here's the commericial

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    Quote Originally Posted by shockzilla
    That was a reference to the old Hines Ketchup commercials...
    Oh well guess I'm a little young for that...

    Good read though.
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    That was a reference to the old Hines Ketchup commercials...
  12. 12purplepride28's Avatar
    Isn't waiting in the definition of "anticipation"?
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    Great article
  14. vking1's Avatar
    Why is Webb number three on the depth chart?? Hopefully McNabb will be gone next year. Its pretty pathetic when an NFL QB can't complete a ten yard pass without it hitting the turf six feet away from the receiver. Joe Webb needs to be taking the number two QB reps. Develop Webb so if Ponder goes down, the Vikings have another qb. Sorry but McNabb is done.
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    What a great blog Shock.

    I think this can be traced back to two things......

    1. Change in coaches. Obviously Leslie and Musgrove don't have the same vision for Joe that the Chiller and Bevs did. As they continue put the offensive roster together we might just see Joe not make the roster. Possibly as early as next year.

    2. Ponder. There were several on PPO, and quite a few more out there in blogville, who thought Ponder should sit and Joe should take over, mostly based on the Iggles game last year. After two good showings, Ponder might be doing just enough to win that crowd over.

    In he end, I really like Joe and hope he stays with the team, but I really don't think this coaching staff has it in them to figure out how to use him. Just the comments we hear out of Leslie causes us the fans confusion, can you imagine what its doing to Joe?

    Again, great stuff my friend.
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    Earlier this week Frazier said Webb would be used some at wide receiver then seemed to back-pedal the next day and said they had some packages for Webb.
    It's obvious his skills are wasted on the bench.
    It also seems obvious that Musgrave has yet to figure out how and when to use him.
    Should Musgrave figure it out, (this is a rebuilding year so experiment at WR,returner, whatever),
    Webb should be able to improve the team in a more significant role.
    Good job Shock.
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    I have been wondering the same thing ...... we saw some of what he can do last year ..... let's get him doing something ...... I'm sure he can help us.
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    Very good read.
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    Yoyoyoyoyo, Shockorama!

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    Shock you just aren't hip like 12-28!
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