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08-21-2009, 02:05 AM
I'm very bored, so here is my projected stat line* for the Vikings 2009 offense:
(GS = Games Started)

QB Brett Favre
15 GS 3050 PASS YDS, 25 TDS, 15 INT

QB Sage Rosenfels
1 GS 725 PASS YDS, 5 TDS, 3 INT

RB Adrian Peterson

RB Chester Taylor
16 GS 375 RU YDS, 5 RU TDS; 350 REC YDS, 1 REC TDS

WR Bernard Berrian
16 GS 900 REC YDS, 5 REC TDS

WR Sidney Rice
13 GS 300 REC YDS, 5 REC TDS

WR Bobby Wade
16 GS 525 REC YDS, 4 REC TDS

WR Percy Harvin

TE Visanthe Shiancoe

*Projected stat line subject to change

Of course these projections are very optimistic as I'm forecasting a record breaking season for AP.

I think Favre will have relatively low yardage but a good number of TDs due to targets like Shiancoe, Peterson, Taylor, Harvin, Berrian, Wade and Rice.
Of course, he'll also have his INTs, but since I expect AP to be churning out yards all year long I don't think Favre will have to sling the ball as much, especially late in the game.
I also think Sage will cut into his play time as I can see Favre getting relieved from games and maybe even missing one or two and ending his consecutive games played streak.

AP will break the rushing record and chip in a few receiving TDs to boot, earning his first NFL MVP award.
Taylor will make the most out of his touches, as he may be playing for a different team next year.

Berrian will not only miss out on his 1,000 yard season once again, but I also expect his TD total to drop due to the emphasis on the run game, the addition of Harvin and the emergence of Shiancoe and Bobby Wade.

I think that Rice, despite being a solid red zone target, will remain average due to nagging injuries.

I think Harvin will have a solid rookie season, maybe even enough to earn offensive ROY.

And last but not least, I think Shiancoe will develop into a full-blown pass catching TE and as well all know, Favre tends to love his tight ends.

All in all, not including D/ST I'm projecting over 6,000 YDS from our offense and close to 11,000 total YDS.
We had around 5,300 YDS through the air and on the ground last year and just a smidge over 10,000 total YDS, so reaching these projected stats is definitely not out of reach now that we've got Favre and Harvin in the mix.
Just from tallying a few of their studs' stats I can tell you that last year the offenses of NO, DEN, and HOU all put up over 6,000 YDS and CAR, ARI, and DAL were all close if not over.

[i][b]What do you guys think?

08-21-2009, 07:14 AM
my thoughts:

Not bad, Something like that would be great with our offense
Sage: hard to say, favre has never missed a game remember
Peterson: A tad bit optimistic.
I don't think we'll have an extra empasis on the run game, quite th eopposite.
Favre will take away some carries form Peterson.
Not a whole lot, but some.
I hope he gets the ball a bit more, but that seems reasonable
Berrian: I think Berrian will improve this year, not decline.
Favre can get the ball out there.
Also, remember alot of Berrians long TD's were medium routes that he took the distnace, not long bombs
I'll say 500 yards, 6 TD's.
he's our main redzone guy when healthy.
Wade; 400 yards, 2 TD.
I see his production dropping substantially with harvin in the mix
Harvin: Those seem right.
I don't think he'll have the production on the ground that some here think he will
Looks good

Your projection is pretty high for yards.
NO, Den and Hou all had great passing attacks, NO got over 5000 yards from brees alone, just needed minimal input from the run game to reach 6000.
You predict Favre and sage to combine for 3800, peterson and chester for 2500, for a total of 6300 yards.
We need a LOT of things to go right for that.

I'll also go out there and say after our first loss this board will be full of people complaining about why harvin didn't get any carries from the backfield.

08-21-2009, 04:44 PM
I definitely realized the yardage thing, but I'm expecting big things this year.
I think the smart thing to do would be to use Favre as a game manager and as someone who can make plays when he needs to.
I'm just throwing this out there, but I wouldn't be surprised if 80% of his passes are less than 20 yards.

I don't see too many bombs to Berrian, the main reason for this is why?
Why risk Favre's arm throwing the ball over the field when you've got AP, Taylor and Harvin in the backfield?

As far as Rice goes, clearly the Vikings don't have much faith in him.
Yes he is a good red zone target, but I think Shiancoe, Harvin and AP are better weapons inside the 20-yd line.

I think Favre will mean good things for Wade as Favre has always liked the possession guys and after all, Wade was our second best WR last year.

Also, don't forget about Harvin's college stat line, I can almost guarantee he will see more than a few plays out of the backfield.
In Reggie Bush's rookie season he had 565 YDS Rushing and 742 YDS receiving along 6 RUSH TDS and 2 REC TDS.
I think Harvin will be better.

Harvin's college stats:

2006 34 REC 427 REC YDS 2 REC TD 41 CARRIES 428 RUSH YDS 10.4 YPC 3 RUSH TDS
2007 59 REC 858 REC YDS 4 REC TD 83 CARRIES 764 RUSH YDS 9.2 YPC
2008 40 REC 644 REC YDS 7 REC TD 70 CARRIES 659 RUSH YDS 9.4 YPC 10 RUSH TDS

08-21-2009, 04:51 PM
I'm likin ads stat line you got!

08-21-2009, 04:54 PM
"VKG4LFE" wrote:

I'm likin ads stat line you got!

Ya he's the reason I decided to make the stat line in the first place.
I thought, well if AP breaks the rushing record, what would everyone elses stats look like?

08-21-2009, 05:31 PM
I hope you're right

08-21-2009, 05:47 PM
"TheBlackChip" wrote:

"VKG4LFE" wrote:

I'm likin ads stat line you got!

Ya he's the reason I decided to make the stat line in the first place.
I thought, well if AP breaks the rushing record, what would everyone elses stats look like?

If he, or anybody for that matter, breaks that record that would be one helluva season!