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12-16-2008, 10:56 AM
Chad Greenway on FSR with former NFLer James Washington and Craig Shemon

I just transcribed as I listened.
Pretty good interview.

On the destroying of Arizona...

"Yeah you know offensively when they can do things like that starting off with the punt return and the way tarvaris got it going is obviously going to help our defense forced them into throwing every time if our offense continues to play like that were gonna be all right"

On Peterson and stopping the run...

"He's impressive day to day hes one of those guys that wants to keep getting better and continue to work.
We look forward to getting out of training camp because we dont have to go against him anymore.
Look forward to going against other guys"

Loss of Pat Williams...

"It is he is obviously one of the cogs of our defense.
He is obviously a very very good player.
We'll have to step up Fred Evans will probably be that guy.
We have confidence in him he's gotten some reps when Pat isn't in there.
We lost EJ earlier in the year and now Pat.
But everyone will step up."

learning curve and college system help him?...

"I think for me coming off my injury it was just about coming back on the field last year.
There is no substitute for experience. this year I just wanted to grow in what I did last year and continue to get better.
It helps having great players around you like I do here.
Iowa also helped Kirk Ferentz did a great job teaching guys."

On the QB situation...

"Both those guys have played well.
Tarvaris has done a great job coming in.
And Gus has led us during the year.
Were in good shape."

"We moved into first in our run D and we want to stay there."

12-16-2008, 02:57 PM
FYI Matt Birk is about to be on Fox Sports Radio on The Drive (Chris Myers and Sean Farnham's show)