View Full Version : MVC Survivor TOP 3!

12-11-2008, 08:00 AM
Long time no post guys!
Hope all has been well on here.
I am posting what I can on here to keep people updated on the voting for the top 3 MVC Survivors for this year.
If you have not been voting, get on the ball and get started right now.

The Final 3 have been decided...by you.
You the fans, friends, and family of these lovely ladies have decided that Jenny, Kristina, and Amanda A. will move on to be our final three Survivors.

Peyton's honor this year came as being selected as one of the cover gals for the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader calendar.
She may not be a top 3 Survivor, but she will always be a
favorite and remembered MVC for now and years to come.
Thanks for all you do Peyton and have a great rest of the season.

Amanda A. edged out Jenny for the top spot this past short week, with Kristina holding on to the third spot left.

As stated before, this contest goes week to week and each lady needs you votes to keep them going.

The voting this week goes from today (Thursday, December 11, 2008) through next Tuesday at 11:59 PM where we will have the two finalists.

Vote each day and get everyone you know on your favorite gal's bandwagon.
She needs you now more than ever.