View Full Version : This Upcoming Sunday (vs. Lions) Definition of a Win-Win game

10-10-2008, 03:18 PM
Wow, this is a hell of a win-win game for the Vikings this sunday. We are coming in at one game back from .500.
Also, we are playing a team that hasn't won a game in the Detroit Lions. If we win (which we better do), we go back to .500 on the season, and go about getting ready for the next game. If we some how lose (and don't say it isn't possible, we are the Vikings) I bet it is a guarantee that Brad Childress gets fired. So either way, a Win-Win situation for the Vikings. Although I hate the chiller, I will do nothing but cheer for my vikes. However, if we give this one away...He better be gone.

EDIT: Please move this one to the Pre-Game thread. Sorry, long week. I am an idiot :) Didn't even think about it before I made the thread. Again, my bad. I'll stop posting for the day, haha.