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09-17-2008, 10:21 PM
This is typed in my famous Artinese made famous in ever quest and way i more of lurker and not
post alot Smiley

PP.O name:Articnv
Real name:Allen Neubert
Current City:sauk rapids, MN
Hometown:Sartell, MN
Occupation:2 Jobs, prime Care giver for my 6
year old niece,
bartender cook,
cashier and
pin mechnic at a bowling alley

1) How did you choose your screen name?I
used my
everquest moniker as most of my onlinefirneds new
by that.
it was orgnial supsoe to be arcticnv, but you all now i have spellign issues
and it turned out arcticnv, and was supsoe to soudn aloud liek artic envy as i love
winter tiem in minnesota.

2) Articnv,
could you tell us a little about where you grew up and about your family?
I grew up in
asa kid
lived on the wrong side fo the river and didnt care what others think.
I was in football in middle skool but
even egta chance to go out in middle skool cause
i ddint have transoportatio n
or away to get get to
practice before the skool year started.
I sdid a lot of huntign and fishign with my dad.
Did alot of sandlot baseball,
football, kick ball witht he
neighboorhood kids and supsoe tiems rents at the park in front of my house.

3) What type of student where you in High School?
My freshmen year i missed alot fo skoolas i was in out of the hospital due to stomache problem that
later ended
up requiring surger before my sophmer year
If u want see the scare just ask when i m tail gating.
I didnt get
godo grades in
my freshmen year as my learning disability wasnt dsicovered until afetr feshman year as my stomaches problems lead me to talk to a shrink to rule out mental causes. Did you play in any sports or where you involved with any school clubs and such?
never palyed in
sports in skool.
I was envolved with mock trial from sophmere thru sr year, and helped out with it after fgraduting for year, (sis) was still envolved.

4) What did you do after High School? My senior year i
entered the DEP
for the army.
on my ship out date due to
deathly alergic reactions to stinging
Somethign i todl my recuiter about
a year before my ship out date.

5)What was your first job?
Cashier and later shift leader at Super America.

6) When did you decide to be such a dedicated fan of the Minnesota Vikings?
There wasnt much of choice, grew up watching the vikes, or lsitenign to them on the radio
when fishign or
huntign with my dad,

7) Could you tell us one of your favorite memories that has to do with the Vikings or one of its past or present players, coaches, etc.
Last year being interviewed in the tail agte lot before the GB
with a coupel chearleaders for
stint on fox.
They had
sound issues so it never did make the cut Sad

8}How did you come to find PP.O and what attracted you most to the site?I foudn the site
in high skool when was helping friend
reascher soem gay rights stuff for his class.
Friend googled purple pride and up came a vikes fan board.
I liekd it was about the vikes
it was pretty decent sight overall and
well moded unliek other sites i seen

9) What other sports teams do you follow? Twins,
St cloud river bats wich i havnt been to agme yet thsi year Sad, Celctics manly cause
of KG Tongue

10) When you’re not on PPO what could you likely be found doing with your spare time? Besides at work,
fishign ro world of warcraft

11) Do you say a special prayer before Vikings games? Nope.

12)Where do you watch away Vikings games? You coudl say home and way caus ei cant asffford to go to every gam,e.
i go the Lincoln Depot in St. Cloud
been going there for
the game for 5 years,
and catch hell if i
not there and not at the game lol.

13)What is your worst fear?drowning,
almosted drowned when i was in 5th grade

14) What type of hobbies do you enjoy? Huntign, fishing, reading,

15) What’s your favorite food? House of pizzas Pep. pizza with extar cheese black ovies and mushrooms,
tied with spagetti and my grandmas
8 hr homade sauce
reciepe from the old country.

16) Where are some of the places you’ve been, and where are some of your favorites.
Ony been outof state once so i dont realy ahve a favorite.

17) What is one thing you've always wanted to do, but haven't done yet in your lifetime? Skydive

18)If you could live anywhere where would it be?
Park Rapids or grand rapids area
of minnesota, better lakes to fish Smiley and
better areas to hunt

19) Do you believe the Vikings will have their big day someday? When they do win the Super Bowl, what will be the first thing you think you will do?Be so drunk that io would
probly be passed out at the lincolon depot Tongue

20) Up to this date, what is one of your favorite PPO memories?
Cajun he makes the beset gumbo i ever had and i
picky eater and if i liek its good Smiley

09-18-2008, 09:15 AM
Thanks, interesting read.
A pin mechanic?
That is awesome.

09-28-2008, 03:29 AM
wow not even 2 pages this made :P

09-08-2009, 09:06 AM
"Articnv" wrote:

pin mechnic can be frustrating

but it also cna be fun

And dangerous!
My brother almost got himself caught under one of those bad boy pin setters.....
always take the extra precautions necessary to be safe.

09-08-2009, 09:11 AM
yes i already had my finge rlsiced down to the bone 9 weeks ago when i was pull starting a machine

09-08-2009, 11:29 AM
Good read Articnv!
Great to get to know you a bit better!

Beware the bowling pins! They hurt.

09-23-2009, 02:37 AM
Nice read, my man!

09-23-2009, 04:45 AM
bowling pins don't hurt nearly as bad as bowling balls

09-23-2009, 05:35 AM
Dude i played EQ with you back in the day, just don't remember if it was on the Stromm server or Tribunal, just know i was guilded with you for SURE!

09-23-2009, 10:17 AM
i played on stromm as a necro (first to
necro epic) or saryrn as
wizard(youngest wizard to get epic at the time on s erver)

on stromm i was in dragejegerne its dunny i still rember hwo to spell it.
On saryrn i was in
TWC aka the the baby eaters

09-23-2009, 12:01 PM
We need to do more of these.

09-23-2009, 12:07 PM
more 20 questions?

09-23-2009, 12:10 PM
"Articnv" wrote:

more 20 questions?

More from other members.... ;)

09-23-2009, 12:11 PM