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01-10-2005, 12:02 PM
A friend of mine sent me this little tidbit:

I don't know how this compares to other QBs, but Favre threw almost half of his picks over the last 48 games in only 8 games.

He had 16 games with 0 ints (8 times this year), 20 games with 1, 4 games with 2, 6 with 3 and 2 with 4

So I changed the words to an old school tune to honor that factoid:

(With apologies to 2 Live Crew)

Throw that Pick

Listen up Favre 'cuz this is it
Forget the Super Bowl and throw that pick

Let's play
(repeat x5)

It's a brand new game and it's comin' your way
It was started in Wisconsin by the Redneck QB
See, some call it crazy, but that's not true
It's just an grand old game that you can do
'cuz you need to wave your arm, make your opponent come alive
If you can't do that, don't even try
So, get yourself together and learn it quick
Just get on the field and throw that pick

Let's play
(repeat x5)
Throw that pick
(repeat x4)

When I went to Wisconsin, couldn't believe my eyes
This QB was throwin' wanted me to try
If you don't know how to do it, here's what you must do
Just listen up close I'll explain to you
Just throw it... in the air
Just throw it to your opponents like just don't care
It's all in the arm, so go berserk
And let that arm do the work
So while it's workin'... you'd better start throwin'
To the next round, you won't be goin'
'cuz this ain't a game from the NBA
Gonna waive your arm, throw picks all day
'cuz when you're on the field you don't care a bit
All you want to do is throw that pick

Throw that pick
(repeat x4)