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12-28-2004, 02:51 PM
I was told that Favre may only play in the first quarter...no more than the first half of this Sunday's game. What do you guys think? If he does start, but only plays a quarter or two, is he doing it to continue his streak? Should he even play in the game being as though it's meaningless...Packers are locked as the 3rd seed? ...why risk injury?
the way I see it, if Favre doesn't play, or only plays a quarter, the Bears have a good chance of winning the game. Now, even though this game is meaningless to the packers, with the long time rivalry betwix the two teams...and Lovie Smith -when he was hired as head coach of the bears promising a turnaround when playing the Packers (no more defeats)...would it be better if Favre plays the entire game (wholeheartedly)...win the game just for continual bragging rights?


12-28-2004, 03:05 PM
who cares?

Del Rio
12-28-2004, 03:14 PM
Im not a huge fan of having people sit this time of year. I think Favre should play. The fans pay enough money to get a decent game and they get paid enough to play. Favre should especially play. He cant be hurt he throw touchdows while brain damaged from concussions for cripes sake.

12-28-2004, 03:15 PM
well, considering the fact that the Eagles sat many of their top guys in last night's loss to the Rams - a team that needs much help in order to make the post-season...can't lose or else they're definately out -as well as other playoff teams who have no reason (outside of stats) to play their top guys in the final game of the season - I was just curious as to if this would be the right route for the Packers. Let's not forget last season: Broncos at Packers...final game of the season...Broncos already in the playoffs...packers can't lose or they're definately out, and Vikings are in (NFC CHAMPS atop that). Broncos decide to rest their top guys (whom probably would've flipped that final score), and the Packers have an easier road to victory, omitting the Vikings from post-season play. Would you like something like that to happen again this Sunday? Chances are, Panthers will beat the Saints...the Rams? Well, they play the Jets who are in the playoff hunt...don't honestly think Jets can pull it off. Add that w/ the possibility that the Redskins will beat the Vikings...you go back and think to the Rams' game against the Eagles, in which if Eagles play all their top guys (outside of Owens, who's done), the Rams -chances are- lose the game...putting the Vikings in the playoffs regardless if they win or lose on Sunday...

Del Rio
12-28-2004, 03:36 PM
Frankly I don't count on anyone to get us in but us. I personally feel you should play your best players all the time regardless. It helps build bonds on the team between the two extreems.

Don't forget the track record of QB's taking a few games off and the Superbowl victories that fail to accompany them on their journey. Wheather we're talking Jim Kelley or Payton Manning taking games off really doesn't seem to help any.

The Packers in particular seem to be on the verge of actually getting something going. They have strung some wins together and have fought hard as a team I think if they continued to play together as a whole team it would benifit them. As far as things effecting the Vikings playoff chances only one game matters and that is the one against the Skins.

We have the talent and this game will be a demonstration of the desire. This is do or die. They know what it means if they lose this game. Sp frankly if they don't win it's because they don't want to be there.

12-28-2004, 07:49 PM
By having people sit this last week (Vick, McNabb) it killed the Superbowl team in our Fantasy Football league! :lol: