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12-23-2004, 11:08 PM
A season for giving and taking away
Vinnie Iyer /
Posted: 8 hours ago

NFC Game of the Week

Green Bay at Minnesota. The Vikings needed a botched snap on a extra-point attempt to escape with a one-point win at Detroit last week, but despite the close shave, there were many positives in their performance. They made use of their diverse talents at running back and wide receiver, and Daunte Culpepper, with the exception of one pick, was efficient in distributing the ball.

Minnesota's defense did give up 27 points, but like other offensive-sided teams, the Vikings came up with a few big plays when they needed them. There's nothing that helps a defense more than putting pressure on the opposition to keep up in a shootout.

The Packers have struggled offensively, as their running game hasn't been dominant. Although Brett Favre is capable of winning games by himself, he is officially in a slump, with only three TD passes and seven giveaways over the pass three games. Favre has a history of struggling at the Metrodome, but he came up with a huge victory there last season.

Both teams can certainly light up the scoreboard, but you never know when either team will look naughty or nice on the field. That's because the coaching of both Mike Tice and Mike Sherman is inconsistent, both emotionally and schematically. The Packers just have been in the more giving mood of late, and the best game-altering player in this matchup belongs to the Vikes — a full-speed Randy Moss. Vikings 30, Packers 24.

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12-23-2004, 11:12 PM
Add 14 more to the Vikings total.
That should do it.