View Full Version : The fumble, the poor D, the bad snap.

so-cal vike
12-19-2004, 04:29 PM
The fumble was a heart-stopper. I'm sure everyone was thinking what I was, "Not again." We finally got a break, we kept the ball and Moe took it in for the touchdown. Unfortunatly, we have a defense that is just plain horrible. The saying goes "Defense wins championships." I believe that we can win the SuperBowl if we find a defense in the next couple of weeks. Anyways, the lions of course drive down the field in no time and score. Sh*t, now the Vikes have to win it in overtime. Easily done if we get the ball first, if the Lions get the ball we have a problem. I was still screaming at the Lions TD when I saw the bad snap and the holder getting tackled, I couldn't believe it, we won. We got 2 crucial breaks in the final minutes of the game.

I think I feel it, I know the Packer fans can feel it. The tide is turning, we have been given a chance to get it together, win out the rest of the season, and make a serious run at the SB.

Fri Dec 24 2004, Green Bay will give all Vikings fan everywhere the best X-Mas gift of all, a win and control of the NFC North.