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Do we really need our first round pick? We need someone at the following positions:


We WOULD LIKE to add DEPTH to the following positions:


Now, we could get Joseph in the draft, sign a CB and a WR, and then use our remaining draft picks to add depth to the positions I mentioned. But we have a young team, Do we really need to add more young starters? Wouldn't it be better to add some experienced players? The Depth we need can and should be in the later rounds of the draft... So I think the best thing to do is the following...

Sign McCalister and Buchannanon (Buchannan was demoted and the Falcons prolly won't resign him, and he still has the skills we are looking for)... Let Buchannan teach some ofn the younger guys while doing his Job on the feild, and then when he retires, McCalister will still eb there, both are "shut down corners". Cory Fuller is also an option...

Sign Douglas, move Mixion inside to help Hovan, there are also many other Defensive line players who we could sign... That is the missing link on the Dline...

Sign Boston or Dyson, Boston will make our Offense unstopable, and Dyson will make it even better... but here is were our 7th pick comes into play... Tampa will ikely lose to the Eagles, and they will be looking for answer in the draft. Problem, they have a high pick. They would LOVE to have their pick and 7th overall pick.. Well we just happen to have one! Keyshawn Johnson for our 7th Round pick, I'd bet the Bucs would jump on that one givin Johnson's limited TD production and the emergence of Joe Jerevicous...

There some quality LBs in Free Agency... and some people that can do the job at OL in the draft, that won't be taken till a late pick... So sign a LB, keep Smith Healthy, Draft Ken Dorsy in the 2nd round, and use the rest of the picks for Olinemen and and a secondary person...