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12-09-2004, 02:04 PM
I read this on profootballtalk.com (sorry if it has already been done but I have a cheap computer) I would hate for this to happen. I think Hovan is a lift on defense just by his attitude and with Bennett's speed I think that he should be used the way Staley was in Philly(catching passes out of the backfield) What does everyone think of this? :read:


As defensive tackle Chris Hovan fades into Mike Tyson's bolivian in Minnesota, a league personnel exec tells us that Hovan will draw plenty of attention in the offseason as an unrestricted free agent, and that Hovan is getting a raw deal from coach Mike Tice.

Good defensive tackles are hard to find. And, prior to the 2003 season, Hovan was considered to be among the better tackles in the league, routinely drawing double teams.

With that said, there are folks around the league who believe Hovan is a fraud.

Still, all it takes is two teams to be very interested in a guy for his price tag to go up. And it sounds like more than a few teams, right or wrong, will be ready to pay Hovan when he hits the open market.

One team that might want to take a long look at Hovan is the Cardinals, especially since coach Dennis Green drafted Hovan out of Boston College in 2000 while with the Vikings.

We also think Green will make a run at another guy he drafted while in Minnesota -- running back Michael Bennett, Green's final first-round selection, in 2001. Bennett is on the outs in Minnesota, due in large part to an inability to stay healthy. But even though the Vikes are otherwise stocked at the position, it makes sense for them to keep him around through the end of his contract, especially since Onterrrio Smith is one bad Saturday night away from a one-year suspension, and since impressive rookie Mewelde Moore might be a little injury prone, too.

Del Rio
12-09-2004, 02:19 PM
Makes sense.

I think Hovan did something to piss Tice off. His numbers were down and not many people here like him very much.

I wouldn't be surprised if he did fetch a pretty penny this off season. His price would have been hurt more if Tice would have let him play and he continued to underachieve, but since he has been sitting I think the interest might be there. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if he has a personal record year in stats next year for a different team.

I did read today that Tice thinks Hovan may play this next game and that he has had two great weeks of practice. Personally I think Tice is a dumbass and should have been playing Hovan all along.

It's like the comedian Dane Cook says if your going to get fired you need to do something totally unbelievable like take a dump on your bossess chest. That way when your next job calls to see how good of an employee you were and he trys to tell them what you did they will be like "you were right your old boss was a crazy bastard."

It's a stretch :D But basically by sitting Hovan and not letting teams see how good/bad he is his price goes up. Because he can be like well Tice had it in for me. And they will look at his stats and film from the better years.

Either play him, or you should have traded his ass for something. Just another dumb ass move only this time it wasn't during the game :lol:

12-09-2004, 02:20 PM
Well Hovans problem has been that he only has a good game now and then for us. It doesn't really matter whether its the coach's fault or his. The bottom line is he isn't contributing enough to take up a place on the roster any more. IMO the only way that he could contribute to our line is if we get some one on the other side that pulls a double team most of the time and puts Hovan man to man. I was sort of hoping that Brock Lesnar might be that guy next year. We really need a pass rush from the front 4 so that we don't have to live and die by the blitz.

As for Bennet we have lots of good RB and we can trade him for someone that will fill some D positions. Hopfully a good linebacker and corner.

12-09-2004, 03:25 PM
If Spencer Johnson is the real deal, then Hovan is expendable. It doesn't matter whether he goes somewhere else and plays well, it is a matter of affordability and value for the money...if he doesn't produce numbers that justify paying him whatever price it takes to keep him, then you just gotta let him go. Hell, we let John Randle, Todd Steussie, Randall McDaniel, Dwayne Washington, Robert Griffith, Dwayne Rudd, Kailee Wong, and many others that were WAY MORE productive go in free agency...it is a business decision, that's all. No hard feelings towards Hovan, but we have a new starter (cheaper, I might add) and we will draft a younger, less expensive DT that will be more effective in plugging up the middle...good luck to him on his new team.

We definitely have to get some value for Bennett, preferably some help on defense...Onterrio, Moe and Mewelde will be more than adequate RBs for us next year...I will personally kick Onterrio's ass if he f*cks up with the weed again!

Del Rio
12-09-2004, 03:36 PM
Obviously unless something happens Hovan is gone. But WTF point does it serve? You don't like the guy so he rides the pine all year past the trade deadline and then he just walks. Even if you got a late round pick for him that is better then nothing.

Hell the way we draft a late round pick may be more valuable then an earlier one.

The situation has been handled poorly.

12-09-2004, 03:39 PM
Hovan is going to play this week and will be suited up for the game, he and Tice had along talk and discussed his situation.

But Hovan did not get a raw deal as you put it, his play was bad and that is why he was benched!

He had a good rookie year and a OK year in 2002, besides that his play was subpar and I do not mind if he leaves at the end of the season!

Del Rio
12-09-2004, 03:42 PM
I don't argue the point on if he is good or not any more since we beat that puppy into the ground. All I am saying is it is now apparent he walks and we didn't get anything out of it, maybe an open roster spot.

Hey there you go. Hovan is gone he wasn't doing anything anyway bring in Lesnar and fill his spot. :D

Vote Brock 2005

uncle tony
12-09-2004, 07:18 PM
Hovan is done in Minnesota. When he got benched he just pouted on the sideline and was not a factor. He could have been cheering on his team and helping the younger guys out on the line.

Bennett just dosen't seem to have his head in the game. He misses too many holes to run through, and his blocking has been poor.

If we can get some value for them I say let's do it.

12-09-2004, 07:22 PM
"Del Rio" wrote:

It's like the comedian Dane Cook says if your going to get fired you need to do something totally unbelievable like take a dump on your bossess chest. That way when your next job calls to see how good of an employee you were and he trys to tell them what you did they will be like "you were right your old boss was a crazy bastard."

lol I have that Dane Cook thing on a CD.......that's some hilarious stuff!

Del Rio
12-10-2004, 08:13 AM
Who gets killed by bees?


12-10-2004, 10:30 AM
"Del Rio" wrote:

Who gets killed by bees?


I had forgotten about that dude...someone turned me on to his website last year...he does have some funny shiznit...LOL :lol: