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12-21-2007, 01:48 AM

Jim Langer, who is from Little Falls, Minn., is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and played in six Pro Bowls as a center. Langer played for the Miami Dolphins and was all-pro on the NFL's only undefeated team in 1972.

Jim Otto, a center for the Oakland Raiders, is in the Hall of Fame. Otto played in three Pro Bowls.

Dwight Stephenson, a center for the Dolphins and a member of the Hall of Fame, played in five Pro Bowls. Center Frank Gatski, formerly of the Cleveland Browns, played in one Pro Bowl and is in the Hall of Fame.

Other hall of fame centers are Chuck Bednarik of the Philadelphia Eagles (eight Pro Bowls), Jim Ringo of the Green Bay Packers and Eagles (10 Pro Bowls) and Mike Webster of the Pittsburgh Steelers (nine Pro Bowls).

Vikings center Matt Birk of St. Paul this week was voted to his sixth Pro Bowl. But he doesn't dare compare himself to Pro Football Hall of Fame centers. He's too humble.

"I hope you're not including me on that list," Birk said Wednesday. "I'm in single-A ball; that (list) is the major leagues. I'm taking buses making $800 a month and eating at McDonald's."

Birk, 31, who has played 10 seasons in the NFL and has one year remaining on his contract, won't say how long he intends to play. But if he continues at his current pace and his team somehow could get to a Super Bowl, Birk would seem a bona fide Hall of Fame candidate...

12-21-2007, 08:26 AM
I opened and closed this thread 3 times not wanting to start, however I just couldn't help myself.

Matt Birk is one of my favorite Vikings players of all time believe it or not. He has done a couple of things in the past that appeared to put himself above the team which irked me a bit, however, I understand the business side of the game (as best a fan can).
With that said, I will put those things aside and just address his play over the last 2 years.

As the Line Captain for a (not anyways) very talented OL he is responsible for calling line play (Pre-snap adjustments) for both a Zone as well as a traditional Man Blocking scheme.
He is responsible for calling adjustments to the previous call if the QB audibles out of the initial play.
A very raw, inexperienced QB at that.
d. He is IMHO one of the most important people on this team (not just the offense).

With that said, this guy has been nothing more than stellar IMHO on how he has handled the new coaching staff, the new blocking schemes and the new offense.
He has been a vocal leader on the team and a great spokesman when put in front of the press.
He is very active in the community and I believe a true proffessional.

He deserves every acholade he gets and I look for him to be enshrined in the Football Hall of Fame one day.

Keep on keeping on Matt.

(Key note:
He still screwed the Pooch in the Bears game Monday