View Full Version : It seemed like the Vikings didn't want to win.

12-06-2004, 04:45 PM
Was it me, or did it seem like the Vikings didn't really want to win yesterday???

I've read about blame being on the coaches, the o-line, daunte, the way the wind was blowing, i wore the wrong jersey, i forgot to do my pregame ritual, etc.

To me, it looked like Minnesota wasn't focused, almost as though they were more concerned with what GB was goind to do. Too much so, to worry about the game at hand.

Another thing, how can your running back average over 6 yards a carry and only get 13 carries (i think 10 of which came in the 1st half).

Daunte was locking in on his receivers which was responsible for two of the int's and probably two other ones that urlacher should have had, but just missed.

Is Pep colorblind??? It's almost like he saw a dark jersey and maybe he thought they were at the dome, so he threw it at the dark jersey.

Oh well, at least the Pack and Falcons stumbled, which means the only one we lost ground to was the Eagles. After watching that performance yesterday, I'd be surprised to see us go very far. I'll be happy with a division title and one playoff win. Hopefully we'll go farther, but I think that could be considered success.

12-06-2004, 05:09 PM
success will be 9-6 or better for us this year... i know that sounds dismal but it is 2 more wins... it will easily get us into the first wildcard spot (maybe even division title) and we'll take out whoever we play first in the playoffs. wildcard and a playoff win is success this year.

a division title would be nice. we need to beat seattle this week for no other reason than to have the advantage over them for a playoff spot. the vikes are just not all there yet... we are missing about two good defensive players, a healthy O-line free agent and a new special teams coach...

we lose to seattle and we might get pushed out of the playoffs like we did last year. especially with washington playing the spoiler this year...


12-06-2004, 06:38 PM
We could just as easily run the table and win the division...if we don't start playing like that, we will lose our first playoff game...then what is the use of even making the playoffs. If the Vikings don't start playing like they mean it, it is useless to even go to the playoffs. They need to start dominating teams to even have a shot at winning come playoff time...they can't think about just getting in, they need to roar into the playoffs and get on a roll!

12-06-2004, 08:18 PM
Hey there JDog...good points brought up. I too thought the boys were not really focused throughout the game. They seemed to be keyed in to begin the game, until the first INT. From there, they seemed to lose it.
I don't think the first INT was Culpepper's worst...Burleson got his hands on it, but it was thrown a little behind him.

But overall, the team just never seem to get in the right frame of mind for the important games at hand...especially on the road...i.e....the NFC championship vs the Gmen in 2000...Chicago and Arizona last year and Chicago this year. Somehow, someway, the coaches have to be more successful in doing this. In answer to your question about Culpepper being colourblind...I heard him say that he saw Urlacher, but that he figured he threw it so hard and close to Urlacher, that only the receiver would of been able to catch it. He didn't think Urlacher would be able to react that fast. Urlacher just made an incredible play.

I do think that Culpepper was holding on to the ball a little too long without finding a receiver on Sunday...he seemed to be be a little unaware of the pressure on some plays...I think he should roll out a little more often.

12-06-2004, 09:31 PM
"JDogg926" wrote:

Is Pep colorblind??? It's almost like he saw a dark jersey and maybe he thought they were at the dome, so he threw it at the dark jersey.

I didn't see the game, only the highlights and one clip of the urlacher pick. It did seem like he may have forgotten for a moment that Brian was on the opposing team, he just threw it right to him. I don't know about them not wanting to win, maybe a bit overconident considering who they were playing. Sure was a kick in the nuts.

12-06-2004, 10:00 PM
I think that sometimes the vikings get unfocused. They need to get that offensive momentum going before there defence starts to play on all cylinders. When everyone is dropping passes, fumbling, Daunte throwing interceptions, they can't get any more momentum going. They are still a younger team, but it's esspecially bad when Randy is fumbling and dropping passes, when that happens, they don't have anyone to build any momentum off of.

12-06-2004, 10:21 PM
What's the deepest pattern Moss ran that day? I understand he still ain't 100 percent.. but did 'Peppa try to hit him deep on at least one occasion?