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The Puker defense has allowed a total of 4200 yards this season. Yes that is quite a few for a so called "contender".

The defense allows on average, 323.1 yards per game.

Now comes the good part. The defense has allowed a total of 1,719 yards to be ran over them. They allow a whopping 123.2 yards a game by their opponent.

They have allowed a total of 272 pts this season. This calculates to 20.9 points per game.

You may ask, well what does this all mean? And I'll tell you, Your run defense is 29th in the league, it SUCKS. You can't stop the run, well you can't win the superbowl.

Better luck next year you sorry puckers. P.S we'll be coming for that ass and divison title. Go VIKES!

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