View Full Version : When did the vikes turn dirty?

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The last scuffle after the game got me to thinking:
When did the vikes take such a downturn in sportsmanship?

It seems to me it was when teerlink came to them.
He was the one that coached diving at the opposing quarterback's legs. In one game at the met, GB lost 2 QBs to leg injuries.
He continued the same thing when he went to denver.
But there, the offensive line did it too.

Cris carter's antics didn't help any. He wasn't a good adult example for how to handle frustration, anger, or victory.

Kicking players when they're down?
That's low rent by any means.
The pack just lost walker due to klinesasser and company coming off the bench. Might be back next game.

Don't know about the walsh it because a player in the field of play cannot just kneel down and have the play end. If a QB did that, you can be sure they'd be smacked, so I don't know what he's complaing about. No whistle either. (Personally, I'd have just stood there and watched him kneeling as the game clock expired).

And now it seems as though hovan is trying to gain press by going after favre. The problem is he's not put up sapp's numbers.

So, are the vikings going to turn the vikes/pack games into the BS of the afc a la the raiders/broncos/chiefs?



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