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first post here

ive been thinking about this from about week 3 onwards really. Hope i wont be doing this next year aswell

Way i see it. this team isnt building yet. If we dont make some big changes we are gonna suffer another bad year and some fustration will set it.

I dont kow our exact Cap situation but i know we are damm miles under it. this is the year to do some spending up.

Players we should look at

Peerless Price- WR, will put moss in 1-1 coverage and should help Dauntes TO ratio a heap

Chris McAlister-CB, he should keep 1 side in check

Takeo Spikes or Brooking-LB, Get SPIKES, i love this guy, it will save me trading for him on video games aswell. Hes a top 3 LB in the NFL.

i think spikes or Cris we should get, i dont know to much on college football so i dont know whos looking good to Draft. but we need another Tackle and a saftey maybe some more backup at Linebacker after spikes aswell. so kelly and bradford have to go. Another Big time WR is needed aswell, Cut Alexander hes a poof.

we are getting a top 5 Pick this year aswell, ill be fuming if it dosent pay off. We must be one of the worst drafters in this league, u watch tice will prolly go out and draft a new Center for no1 pick.

i dont know about a new head coach. tice will of learnt a HEAP this year, we should see progression next year.

next offseason maybe we can go on a camp with the Bucs instead of the Chiefs to learn some good coverage aswell.