View Full Version : Remember Steve Jordan?

11-30-2004, 12:19 AM
Kept forgetting to tell you guys...ran into Steve Jordan a few times. He comes into our fire station alot to do pre-plan reviews on buildings. He is an architect...and comes around checking on projects. http://instagiber.net/smiliesdotcom/contrib/ruinkai/fro.gif We small talk every now and then about his playing days. he is doing great, and seems happy with what he's doing now!


11-30-2004, 12:41 AM
Of course I remember Steve Jordan. He had some great years in Purple. I know that if I was him I wouldn't be doing anything but fishing and golfing though! I don't think that he needs the money?

11-30-2004, 12:50 AM
Some people just need to keep busy, he's steal young and if i was his age i couldnt see myself just fishing all day. I would need to do something. Alot of football players go and do something with there degree after they finish their careers. Alot of players do something in realestate.

11-30-2004, 12:47 PM
Best tight end the Vikings ever had a true all-pro.

11-30-2004, 12:57 PM
Met him a few times. Seems like a decent guy.

11-30-2004, 01:08 PM
He had fantastic hands and was the typical straight ahead I'll bull you over tight end type of runner. He was a consistent performer for probably more than a decade. Sometimes Tight Ends don't get the credit they deserve as far as Hall of Fame status.

11-30-2004, 01:55 PM
I agree - Steve Jordan was probably the best tight end to wear the Purple and Gold. He was one of my favorite players growing up.