View Full Version : Very Optimistic about this season

11-29-2004, 03:04 PM
hey there everyone. the title says it all... thinking back to week 1 through now, i think the Vikes, thanks to the crappy NFC play, are doing extremely well, compaired to last year. so what, they lost to Philly (turn-over city for us). so what, they lost three in a row. but look at them now--moss is back, onterio is back, claiborne (maybe not?-haha) and EJ are back. just won 2 in a row...one against a pretty good Jags team who only let INDY score about 17 points one week... we lost to Green Bay, but hardly. we lost to INDY, but hardly. the only game they looked like the Temple Owls was the NYG game. This year, the Vikes didn't give up after the slide... in fact, I think they are even a stronger team now because and after the slide. the offense has learned to work without Moss and now that he is back, O is almost unstopable. Cheers to Tice for finally making some good decisions--benching Hovan--he just doesn't strike fear in anyone anymore-- and requiring the defense to be simplified--look at them now out there. I want to play Philly now! we would win easily! even with a banged up O-line...who by the way played excellent yesterday. Wiggins and Winfield might have been the best two free agent signings in the NFC...right behind Philly getting Kearse and TO.

7-4 looks great. 6-5 looks even better for the Fudge after tonight.

the vikes need to win on grass next week! when they do, we will be looking at the NFC north champs. no - i'm not talking bout the bears, Fudgepackers...

if i missed anything optimistic please add onto this post.

11-29-2004, 03:17 PM
i agree with you except for the fact we would beat philly easily.We couldnt even beat detroit or jackssonville "easily"

11-29-2004, 04:41 PM
As of today, we are not as potent as we were on OFFENSE when we played the Eagles early on in the season. We will either be back to being potent by the time playoffs start or our team will be watching the majority of the playoffs from home.