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10-03-2002, 02:24 PM
It's me the good ol' Red Raider back with a new alias. I just figured that its time to see what the purple people are saying about the Moss situation, and I see that the trash talk has spilled over to the football talk. So, what is the deal with Moss? How much more time does Randy need to figure out that people's patience is running out on him? His talent is being wasted and it's his fault. He is going down a path to career ruin and you people feel bad for him because the Seattle fans were making fun of him. Poor Randy, nobody likes him and he can't figure out why. He is damn near unstopable when he wants to be, but he is killing the Vikings. I can see the progression now. Viking fans will go from supporting him, to complaining about him, to blaming him, and then calling for him to be traded. He is not the answer and if he were, the Vikes wouldn't be 0-4. The season will be trashed by week 10 and all this board will be good for is talking about how good Minnesota will be next year. I am just glad that Glenn isn't taking Green Bay down that same path.