View Full Version : Viqueens are outdoing last year's tantrums already

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10-06-2002, 11:16 AM
Last year Cris Carter (recently retired w/out a ring) set the trend by whining and crying on the side-lines like a little girl.
The queens are just three losses into the season, and already the tantrum brigade has come to life. Namely, Culpeeper's outburst on the side-line after throwing terrible incomplete passes to Moss. Jeez, did he look like an idiot or what. The media is having a field-day with this story. Marvelous! Be sure to watch it again tonight on MNF.
How 'bout coach Tice's refusal to be a professional and shake the opposing coach's hand after the game? What a poor loser. A late fieldgoal try by Carolina was just too much for this wimp.[Edited by VinnyL on 09/23/02 05:04 PM]

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