View Full Version : Future depends on playing JAX.

11-22-2004, 02:10 PM
i just have this feeling that the future of the vikes season and a couple coaches' jobs will depend on this out of conference game... weird.

most would figure that this one in particular will not really matter, but JAX are one of three teams/games remaining the Vikes could lose to...

if the Vikes lose, they will end up 9-7 again. I love this team, but let's be realistic...they haven't exactly shown that they can play a whole game of defense and Tice at times looks like a mediocre highschool coach from South Dakota with how bewildered he gets when the other team is playing good D. We still can't tackle better a pee wee leaguer (except Winfield--one of the smallest guys on the field...oh and Elling-ha)...

The vikes end up 9-7...they should hit a wild card spot, cause who else is out there. Cotrell will be fired for no other reason than not being able to teach his defense...he will then take it to the Bengals or someone like that and become a defensive mastermind. Lineham will just plain get fired for lack of imagination when his star WR was out... We will still beat up on GB on Christmas Eve, that's a given...

Maybe some of these firings are wishful thinking and maybe the Vikes outcome is a bit pessimistic... I just see the Vikes as not turning that contender corner yet... one more year with some personel changes. We will make the playoffs, unless Arizona beats us out for a wildcard spot...
(it could happen-haha)

oh...i forgot...the other half of this--if the Vikes kill JAX, they will go 11-5.


11-22-2004, 02:22 PM
I just wish we could take some defensive momentum from this week and carry it over to next week. It was the tale of two halves for EJ Henderson. He was terrible in the first half..., He overpursued every play. He's got to learn to use his speed to his advantage. The second half he was "All World" (nearly). Let's just carry it over to next week.

11-22-2004, 04:17 PM
I hope they can win it, I think they can if they follow with their momentum after the detroit game!