View Full Version : Lions game points

11-22-2004, 01:56 AM
-I've been saying it all year, special teams is rediculously bad. and by specialy teams i mean kick off coverage. I honestly think they are worse then the defense. the coverage all year has been terrible.

-I think its clear that the defense has the personell to be a decent unit. Whatever it is that makes them so bad needs to change. i don't know if its the game preparation, the coaching, the lack of intensity, or what. But something needs to be done. Bill Maas was ripping our D apart while he was broadcasting the game and he was absolutely right. Our linebackers played painfully, make-you-wanna-puke bad. most of the runs that didn't go anywhere were runs where a lineman made the tackle. i realize that that may be because the LB actuallydid their job and filled their gap.

-Daunte Culpepper is an amazing quarterback. We can thank him for our win today. I think that is clear

-The team disapline on this team is bad. I watch football all day every sunday and i see very few teams with the stupid penelties and problems that we have. These are problems with coaching

-Our running game is not very good right now but i definately think that will change once we get Randy Moss back, thats the influence he has on the game and thats why hes the best.

I wouldn't say this game is gonna turn our season around but a win is definately good for team morale. The defense needs to be agressive. In the second half you saw them flying around, making plays, playing with confidence, and looking to make a big hit. we have definately been missing that his year. It makes me think back to Robert Griffith. He is a leader in that sence and i think that is something we are missing. The defense needs a intense player who's out there looking to light people up.

To sum it up:
Definately not a fan of the coaching.
Defense CAN play but needs better coaching and a "intense/you-come-by-me-and-you're-gonna-regret-it" guy
Bad team disapline- to many stupid plays/penalties
BAD special teams