View Full Version : ROAD TO GLORY begins in Titletown this week

07-22-2002, 04:40 AM

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07-28-2002, 06:43 AM
Off-seasons never seem to run long enough. Now, it's back to work and start preparing for the long, arduous, sometimes painful journey which will culminate in San Diego in January.

As you see, the Green and Gold are among the favorites in the NFC this year. In fact, they might even be considered a prohibitive favorite to win the NFC Central (a/k/a North) this year.

The CryKings? Well, they sure have had a way of staying above water, But 5-11??? Bad times ahead in Lutefiskland. Guess that means we'll be once again having CryKing home games that fail to sell out.

You remember 1996 and 1997, don't you? The CryKings made the playoffs both years, but in each season they failed to sell out half their home games. Funny, but there's never been an empty seat at Packer home games for over 40 years, despite periods of mediocrity.

Then again, this is the same area in which a baseball team in first place manages to average only 20,000 a game. Wisconsin's baseball team, on the verge of 100+ losses, averages 23,000 a game.

That's Purploids and Minnechoketa sports fans for you!