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05-08-2002, 02:41 PM
Brief article on the ESPN site where Tice is still sticking to the stat that the Vikes were 4-1 when Moss got the at least 40% of the passes.<BR>


The one thing I like about the off-season has been the step-up that Moss seems to have taken in terms of attitude and responsibility. He's been taking a more active part in the training/mini-camps so far and has now moved up to the Twin Cities for working out. In addition he has also opted not to play basketball off-season like in previous years.<BR>
I think our WR has finally come of age, realising that athletic ability alone will not be enough. In a way it was good that he was not selected for the Pro-Bowl last season as this has now had a two-fold effect. Firstly he realises that being voted to it is not simply a question of having good numbers - he had better figures than the backups selected - but also one of how people view him. In turn this has pissed him off and, as we saw in '98, a pissed Moss will play on a higher level.<BR>
Add to this the fact that Tice will be on his back more then Denny was last year and I am sure we will see big things of him this season.<BR>
Having Bates and probably Alexander opposite will help no end and will no allow defences to double-team him as much as last year- else the other WRs will burn them.<BR>
In all this year looks to be a promising one for Moss, let's hope that he turns promise into delivery.[Edited by AngloVike on 05/08/02 02:01 AM]

05-08-2002, 02:41 PM