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In response to the story on the front page....was not this kid from MN but wore his Packer jersey to a Viking day at his school? I believe the outcome was that he was not allowed to attend the Viking festivities...he and his family said it was because of the jersey, the school said it was because of repeated behavioral problems.

Silly yes...BUT we can wear whatever we damn well please in this country. It is the beauty of living here. The Packer family showed poor judgement in team devotion, but I will wear my Viking jersey in Wisconsin without fear of being kicked out. Harrassed, ribbed, yelled at, and perhaps ever have beer thrown at me by an 8 year old with no teeth, but choice is and SHOULD be upheld in the good ol' USA no matter how lacking as long as it isn't hurtin' nobody. In my kids' school, if you wear a Packer jersey you get heckled kid style....but you are still allowed a part of things. These are kids for pete's sake....why are the adults even a part of it????????